~So you WANTED to know more about me ?
*LINK*-Go to My MOTORCYCLE Page ! I used to do a little Racing (both Auto & Cycle). And I'm still inclined to go fast once in a while, but haven't the nerve I did when I was less grey haired ;-)  For now I just love to "Own the Corners" on my 2001 Buell Blast, or Cruise on my NEW 2007 Harley XL883R Sportster.

Of my indoor activities, I like to watch movies and play on comps. and build/collect model  cycles.   I also enjoy watching Sci-Fi TV and/or movies. I used to be a very BIG  STARGÅTE SG-1 fan...........

I love the outdoors and I love animals. I enjoy the beauty of nature and love hiking and visiting national parks across america and Canada. In my older age, I'm preferring peaceful and quiet environments. And I think my days of noisy motorcycles have almost come to an end. I'm really not into many sports -except for Volleyball, which I truly enjoy playing. My only regret is that my aging body is showing the signs of too many motorcycle wrecks, and I fear oneday I'll no longer be able to play because of those old (and recent) injuries :-(
Below is a link to the webpage I made for a close friend of Mine- who herself is very special-along with her dog Boomer.
*LINK* To Tara and Boomers Page.
Well if the photo at the left hasn't scared you away, you're doing good !  My name is Ralph R. Rosson 3rd.    I'm just another Single-middle aged guy going thru a mid-life crisis.  I was born and raised in New Jersey, but have lived in "Rural"  Pennsylvania for my whole adult life. I live on a small(10.52 acre) farmette in Bunkertown, Pa. just east of McAlisterville. I'm just a dorky/Big/tall geek, who loves his toys. My Toys are my cars and motorcycles, plus a few ACTUAL Toys too. I prefer simple american motorcycles, and the same in cars.  At present I enjoy my '01 Buell Blast and my '07 Harley XL883R Sportster motorcycles, my '98 Ford Contour and my '07 Chrysler PT Cruiser.

In the wind,  on my '87 Suzuki LS650 Savage.
My Brand NEW '07 Chrysler PT Cruiser !
*Scroll this page sideways to see the complete photo-A Panoramic View of the Small Village I live in near McAlisterville, Pa. *Look to the right side of photo, above roadside houses you'll see a long-roofed chicken barn,further rt is my house.
                  The Toreador-RED 1998 Ford Contour !