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Our services are classified under two broad categories:

· Remedial Management

Remedial Management is required when a company is experiencing rapidly declining profitability or stagnating/negative growth.  In such cases we will work with the management team and board of directors to formulate a turnaround strategy, design an action plan and if necessary, help to implement fast and cost-effective turnaround solutions.

· Crisis Management

In some cases, a company’s financial position and operating circumstances can move rapidly from a turnaround to a crisis situation.  When this occurs, more often than not, the management team of the company would have lost the confidence and credibility needed to manage effectively.  In such instances, and if requested by the board of directors, we are able to assume enterprise responsibilities as CEO, CFO and/or COO in the initial phases of recovery; this will allow us to stabilize external banker/creditor pressure and internal employee morale, bring operational and financial slippages under control, restructure the company’s debt/equity profile and develop a corporate rehabilitation plan to turn the company around. Unlike other consulting firms, we accept the full scope and responsibility of these positions, including hiring and firing decisions, as well as responsibility over the company’s assets.

In both the situations described above, there may be occasions where an infusion of capital is required to return the company to commercial and financial viability. Where warranted and feasible, we can assist in arranging for the most cost effective means of raising capital. We could also participate in partial or full acquisition of the company.
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