Sgiath Wolfkeep
Sgiath Wolfkeep
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Thursday, January 15, '09- It's been a long time since anything's happened here. Litter #4 has three pups still available. Someone better take them, cause I'm about to steal Eldess away for myself. >.> If anyone wants to send a mated pair for the next litter, feel free. Otherwise, I'll use one of my own pairs.

Litter #3 is gone, now. Waiting to decide who the next parents will be, if you've got a pair of wolves you'd like to send, send 'em. Otherwise, check back in a few days for a new litter.

When mysterious ruins were discovered by riders from Darkling Dawn Dragonry, they didn't stay secret for long. However, the Dragonry was beaten to the ruins by a pair of winged wolves, Dyami Sirhaan and Athore Kethlar, who claimed the ruins for themselves. A brief arguement ensued over who owned the territory, which went in the wolves' favor, so they took it over as a den for their pups and land for their pack. In return, they are allowing humans and other creatures to come and adopt their pups. Thus, Sgiath Wolfkeep was created.

The Sgiath Ruins are made up of a large, much-deteriorated castle and several other, smaller buildings in slightly better condition. The ground floor of the castle is the area in the best condition, and therefore the one most in use. The upper floors are in much worse condition and large areas have been declared dangerous and off limits, though the open roof area serves as a nice roost and lookout tower.
The other buildings serve as individual dens or homes for the human inhabitants of the Keep. The area around the Keep, as the rest of Darkling Dawn, is covered by thick, decidious forests rich with game.
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The winged wolves are copyrighted to Yakima/Wolfmage of Alair Wolfkeep, and are adopted here with her permission.

The background is a free set from
Roxy's Renditions.