Spike/Tara - Self-Esteem
Giles/Tara - Dealing with the Monster
Buffy/Xander - Dealing with the Monster
Spike/Anya - Shadow Selves
Spike/Anya - Dark Love
Buffy/Willow - Fear of Abandonment
Buffy/Willow - Wanting to be the Hero
Buffy/Willow - Violence and Magic as Coping Mechanisms
Angel/Spike - Restraining the Monster
Spike, Dawn and Warren:  What is Real?
Spike and Buffy:
Dawn - Buffy's Inner Child?
The Heart of Darkness (Lit.Comparison)
An Ironic Twist on the Story of
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Spike:  Demolished Man?  Conflicted Vamp?
Xander:  Stuck in the Basement?
Restless Essays
Click on a Scooby
Spike/Riley: Monster in the Man
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Anya, Buffy and Angel:  The Theme of Vengeance
The Scooby Gang vs. The Troika
Dealing With Reality
S/W/Wa/A - Wanting to be Bad
Willow, Tara and Amy:  A Tale of Three Witches
Part III:  The Trajectory
Parts I & II:  Origins and Metaphors Relating
to Reinvention of Self
Eros and Psyche
Spike and Willow:  The Journey
Part I:  Tara and Dru --
Separation from the Mother
Spike and Willow:  Unleashing the Monster to Hide the Geek
Part II:  Oz and Buffy --
Taming and Reconciling
the Monstrous Id
Part I & II:  Creating Mr. and Ms. Right
Part III:  Creating the Perfect Soldier
Robot Metaphors in BtVS
Jan 5, 2004
Buffy:  Struggling to be the Hero
In a Dark World
Part III:  Angelus and Giles --
Atonement With the Father
Part IV:  Handling Rejection --
Xander, Cecily, etc.
Sadomasochism Metaphors in BtVS and AtS
Part I:  Vampires -- Angelus, Darla, Dru,  Spike, VampWillow, VampTrulls
Part II:  Werewolves, Witches,
Demon Hunters and Slayers
Soul Metaphors in BtVS and AtS
Fred/Cordelia - Little Girl Lost
Xander Harris:  The damsel, the sidekick, the comic relief
Who is Fred?
Willow:  The Best Friend
Character Functions on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
No Human is an Island
Authority Figures
Female/Male Fatales in BTVS & ATS