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A Family History is only as good as it's sources-

Do you know of any documents, wills, certificates, deeds, military papers or other records documenting our family history. Do you have any old photos, letters, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, journals or stories of our anscestors you can share? Help our family tree grow.

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All descendants of Philip & Margaret Vance Sheffer-We are looking for you.

There are 7556 known direct descendants of Philip and Margaret Sheffer. If Philip and Margaret are your great grandparents and you would like to be included...

Click here submit your family's information. Information of living people will be not be posted on line but will be included in the count of descendants.

Photos from the Old Hillside Cemetery in Williamsport, Indiana of Nicholas & Matilda Davis Sheffer's graves, also from the Ashland City Cemetery, Ohio of Margaret Vance Sheffer's grave.
5 new Personal Histories added to the Library:
-Jacob Sheffer
-Margaret Allen
-Mary Isabella Hales
-William Dresser Patten
-David Wyman Patten
New information on the Archibald Patten family.
Obituraies of Philip Sheffer, Jr. and Nicholas Vance Sheffer online at GenForum posted by Sally Harris.



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