A Phenom Called Mess...
I first encountered Mess at age 16.  I was driving home from work in the blistering Texas heat, listening to an alternative radio station with the windows rolled down.  The jock had just finished playing Rancid and I was feeling pumped. 
A second later, the drums kicked in.  Total Ramones style.  Fast-paced, highly energetic, snotty and equally retarded lyrics about Marsha Brady filled the summer air.   I was dancing so hard I damn near had a wreck.  
"That's the new track by Mess," the jock proclaimed.  There was no explanation as to who the hell Mess was, or where I could find this incredibly infectious song.
I spent the following months scrounging through local record bins looking for any sign of that great band.  It wasn't until about six months later that I finally came across an album.  Some kid in my art class brought his CDs to school and said, "Hey you've gotta check this out.  You'll love it."   He put a CD in the jambox and cranked the volume.  
"Holly please don't run away from me!!!" I was laughing hysterically.  I was absolutely in love.  Mess had just released their debut album.  That day I rushed to the record store and popped my 12 bucks down on the counter.  Life has never been the same.  I tore into the cover trying to learn everything I could about this band.  It turns out they lived in my back yard.  I never did get to see Mess play live for one reason or another, and a few years passed. 
The Darlington Connection...
It was late 1997 and the local press was hyping up this new band, Darlington.  They said the lead singer was the Dallas version of Johnny Rotten, usually wearing a cheerleading outfit or ladies' stretch pants that said 'slut' all over them on stage.
I walked to the local record store where they already had a used copy of Darlington's new album.  I asked the clerk what he thought of Darlington and if he agreed that the singer was the Dallas verson of Mr. Rotten.  He answered, "Sometimes the presses lie."
I hurried home and turned the volume all the way up.  "Jody Fooooster, Joooody Foooooster!!!" Wait a second, I thought to myself.  I've heard that voice before, I recognize that drumming.  It was Mess reincarnated into twistable, fashion-conscious, punk rock conglomeration.  I started jumping up and down on my bed.  I was in love all over again.    
I checked the listings.  Darlington was playing that Saturday.  I grabbed a group of friends and dragged them to the show.  From the first note to the last, Darlington rocked my ass like a mutha-fuckin' cradle.  It wasn't long before I was at every show I could attend.  The 'Girltroversy' album played non-stop in my stereo for weeks on end.     
SGR-001: Texas Punk Rock Sweethearts
Attention mall shoppers!!  Here it is, the new four-song single from the late, great DARLINGTON!  If you are unaware of these guys' pop genius, listen up bucko.  Darlington rocks it out three-chord style straight from the University of R-A-M-O-N-E-S, taught by Dr. Weasel and Professor Queer.     
The group started way back in 1994, when pop punk was on the brink of becoming the "next big thing, y'all". Then known as Mess, this earlier version of Darlington proved to be more snotty and absurd...  Taking jokes out on themselves & stirring up a storm of controversy.  With Christy in his cheerleading skirt, Mess toured the country playing every insane asylum and cellblock between Dallas and the Big Apple, eventually earning them a spot on the esteemed CMJ Music Charts. Hell, even Howard Stern proudly announced that Mess was his new favorite band.  After several years & several fine releases, the group decided (or rather, was told by johnny law) to change their name.
Enter Darlington...  A little less absurd and a lot more twist-o-rific.  Almost instantly, an awesome new slant on an age-old brand of power pop punk rock was created, exciting thousands of bored teenagers around the world.
Although Darlington has secured its spot in the punk rock history books, times haven't been all silk panties and rose petals for the boys and girl.  The group has gone through several lineup changes, and have recently decided to call it quits.   
So you may be asking yourself, "how the hell did this little label get to release such a cool record out the door?"  It's quite simple.  Darlington was comprised of two totally tubular guys & one way-out girl who took pity in two chumpy kids starting a new label.  In actuality, Chad blackmailed those jerkys into thinking they'd get a treasure chest full of porn.  But let's keep that part a secret, eh?
She's Gone is proud to have released Darlington's last piece of work as a functioning  band. We hope you'll think Texas Punk Rock Sweethearts is as thoroughly rockin' as we do. 
SGR-001 Darlington's  Texas Punk Rock Sweethearts is comprised of three originals & one cover song.  "Superspazz", "Dreamsicle", "Tarantula", and "Do You Wanna Dance?" will rip it right off your turntable.  These particular tracks were taken from the same session as the Split CD on Melted Records.  They've been remixed & mastered for an oh-so-svelte sound that's like being punched in the face with a velvet glove.  Sappy?  Hell yes!  Dumb?  Why not!  Absolutely brilliant?  Darlington wouldn't have it any other way.  Imagine the Ramones and early Green Day jamming in a dank basement while giving each other tattoos, and you've pretty much hit it on the head.  
And if that's not enough... The She's Gone 7" comes individually numbered (500 pressed) with a love note written by Christy Brigitte Darlington himself.  Wait!  There's more!  The first 100 records are on yummy translucent butterscotch vinyl & have hand-detailed blue or gold covers.  It's very "Darlington"...the logo comes in a variety of glittery colors! Don't be a mongol, order yours like now scooby!  $4ppd worldwide.

This record is Out of Print. 
Check out Darlington at http://www.darlington.tk/ for Christy's latest and greatest.
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