Peaks and Climbing History in the Northern Negros Forest Reserve (NNFR)
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"A Perspective and Capsule History of Climbing in the NNFR"
The MESSNER TEAM (the Singarong Backpackers Tropical Climbing Team )
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List of NNFR Peaks (Rated by SB in Five Categories)
Note: Scale of values is rated from ` 0' for null to `10' for the highest value
                There  are two ranges or mountain groups in the Northern Negros Forest Reserve (NNFR) - Mt. Silay in Upper North Negros and Mt. Mandalagan  in Lower North Negros.  Both are classified as a Halocene stratovolcano (dormant volcano). Geologically,  the mountains of the NNFR are very young, hence they have steep slopes (not yet fully eroded). Generally, these mountains have dense forest, majority of which are second-growth. The strips of primary forest could still be found in secluded regions of Mt. Silay and Mt. Mandalagan. The mountain forest of the NNFR is generallty tropical and deciduous but strips of conifers, particularly the `agoho' could be found on most summit ridges.
Characteristic Attraction (CA)
Climbing History (CH) Status of Importance (SI) Range of Assault Challenge (RAC)
Altitude in Feet (Alt.) Difficulty of Access (DOA)
(Silay  Range)
4,802                5                       6                       8                    6                    6-9
3,870                1                       6                       8                   7                    6-9

4,838                2                       9                       8                    6                  7-10

(4,750)             5                       6                         7                   4                  2-9

3,442                 0                      4                         8                   7                 3-8

4,523                2                        9                       9                     7               9-10

5,039                 2                    10                      10                   10               8-10

5,033                 4                   10                     10                     10              8-10

     ?                    0                     5                       7                       7               5-8

     ?                     0                    5                        7                       7              5-8

5,262                  0                  10                      10                      10              8-9

(3,800)                0                   5                        7                       7               5-8

(4,400)               4                    7                        7                       3               4-8

     *                     *                     *                      *                       *                *

6,168                10                     10                      10                      1            3-10

(4,700)               2                     7                        6                       8            3-9           
Sicaba Diotay
Mt. Silay
Tingtingon Daku
Tingtingon Diotay
(Mandalagan  Range)
Mt. Mandalagan
             CH - Climbing History or known records of mountaineering climb
              CA - Characteristic Attraction or the unique assets of a mountain
              SI -   Status of Importance or the stature of the peak in the NNFR
              DOA - Difficulty of Access or the difficulty of reaching the base of the mountain
              RAC - Range of Assault Challenge or the difficulty of climbing the peak from the easiest to the
                             hardest route
              Alt. - Altitude
                  * Main source is the "Rodol Map" 1956
                  * The altitude of Calaptan and the 5,262-Foot Peak is derived from the map produced by Defense
                         Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center
                  * Altitude in (     ) parenthesis is based on rough estimate
              Largely unrecorded, incidental climbs of peaks in the NNFR long before the coming of the sportman mountaineer may have already been performed by the uncunny climbers such as the World War II soldiers, the military, the NPA or RPA rebels, the loggers and the resilient forest scavengers (the `mangunguway' or rattan-gatherer and `mangangayam' or local hunter). In effect, in the NNFR the the chance for a FIRST ASCENT (FA) is almost nil. At best, the mountaineer could only establish a FIRST MOUNTAINEERING CLIMB (FMC) or a climb ahead of the rest from the mountaineering community. 
               Period                                       Peak

Late 1980's (?)                        Marapara Peak

March 15, 1998                        Calaptan Peak

September 21, 1998                Calaptan Peak

October 2, 1998                        Gawahon Peak

October 3, 1998                       Dinamlagan Peak

October 16, 1998                     West Pinnacle

August 29, 1999                      South Face Peak

August 29, 1999                       Mt. Silay

August 31, 1999                      Sewahon Peak (Sicaba-Daku)

September 15, 2000               Sicaba-Diotay Peak

BBMS established the FMC through the NorthFace (?)

NTCI set the FMC through the Northwest (also the
  first conquest of the Gawahon West Face)

SB set the First Southwest Climb - the beginning of
  independent (without guide) peak climbing in the
  NNFR by the Messner Team of the SB

SB set the FMC through the Northwest Ridge; prior
  climbs in 1997 and in early 1998 through the Bottle-
  neck Ridge were failures

SB set the FMC through the First Buttress on the
  West Face

SB set the FMC on the peak of the Dinamlagan
  Southeast Ridge during the First Attempt of the
  South Face (
later found out to be not a peak)

SB  set the FMC of the peak of the Dinamlagan
  East Wall during the successful Second Attempt of
  the South Face (
a false summit)

SB learned a year and a half later that it had climbed this peak at 5:00 p.m. after crossing Nagabusay Col following the climb of South Face Peak at 11:00 a.m. of the same day

SB set the forced First Ascent  of this mystic and
  sheer-walled mountain through the South Ridge

SB set the First Ascent through the West Ridge during
the second attempt
3,442 ft.

3,870 ft.



5,262 ft.
A small party of self-proclaimed mountaineers tried but missed to climb it in August 1993 from Margarita east of Manapla.

The Second Attempt of it by the SB yielded the ascent of Talaba-an Peak, 0.8km E of true Dalayapan, on July 7, 2002

In need of reconnoitering

In need of reconnoitering

In need of reconnoitering

In need of reconnoitering
Tingtingon Diotay
Tingtingon Daku