Victorias City, Negros Occidental, the Philippines
         Founded on June 22, 1996, the Singarong Backpackers is a mountaineering club based in Victorias City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. Its name is derived from the Hiligaynon word "singarong", a wildcat present in the Northern Negros forest. As a mountaineering club, it seeks to emulate the charactersitics of the singarong - resiliency, survival instinct, affinity with the forest, keen sense, etc. - all that make for a self-reliant mountaineer. As a club, it belives in the camaraderie of mountaineers regardless of affiliations, maintains respect of the environment, the people it comes into contact with and most importantly, the self. The Singarong engages in Nonguided Exploratory Climbing, arguably the riskiest and the ultimate challenge in Philippine Tropical Mountaineering.
The Singarong Backpackers
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Messner Team
Northern Negros Forest Reserve (NNFR)
Background : Negros Island Mountaineering
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Peaks in Northern Negros
Selected Peaks :
Mt. Silay
Sewahon Peak
Mt. Mandalagan
Sicaba Diotay Peak
Magkurog Peak
Feature Articles (Best of Climbs)
"First Ascent of a Mystic Mountain, Sewahon"
The Messner Team, the nonguided climbing team of SB, set out to climb a peak for the second time after the failure of the previous year. The Team successfully climbed it. However, its greatest feat is not this ascent but the forced ascent of an unclimbed peak during its attempt to descend on an unknown territory. Perhaps this is the greatest adventure of their lives.
"First Ascent of the Highest in Mt. Silay - Sicaba-Diotay Peak"
Much cautious and less commital after their harrowing experience in the First Ascent of Sewahon, the climbers attempted Sicaba-Diotay for the second time. This is their triumph. 
"First Southwest Ascent of Calaptan Peak"
For two years since 1996, the SB has been breaking territory in the Northern Negros Forest Reserve in their brand of mountaineering - forestal exploration without guide. By September 1998, it decided to go vertical - to climb a peak without guide. This is the story and the birth of the Messner Team.
Expeditions in the Philippines
Sulfatara /Mt. Mandalagan (Negros Occidental)
Chocolate Hills, RSNP, etc. (Bohol)
Talinis Peak (Negros Oriental)
Mt. Madja-as (Antique)
Mt. Hamugnaw (Iloilo)
Mt. Kanla-on (Negros Occidental)
Mt. Manaphag (Pan de Azucar Is., Iloilo)
Mt. Guiting-Guiting in Elusive Sibuyan Island
Three Days in Masbate Island
Tinagong Dagat in Lambunao (Iloilo)
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