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"Land of Gareth" is an interesting mixture of action and strategy game inthe genre of 'Jump and Run'-games.

The magician Gareth assumed the power of the once wonderful kingdom of Konastosia. Once upon a time the people of Konastosia lived peacefully and happily together. The old king reigned with a strong but fair heart. For all his power he used the magical sceptre of light to keep the kingdom peaceful. Suddenly the evil magician Gareth stole the sceptre and assumed the power.

As he couldn't use the power of the sceptre as he wished (The power of the sceptre could only be used in a peaceful way...), he started to demand higher taxes. The happy life of the peasants changed to a life of the poor.

But you have the power and spirit to change life in Konastosia back to paradise. You must find the sceptre and fight against the magician.

The game is delivered in two Versions:

  • In the one player Version you have to go through several different levels, seek the magic sceptre, and finally fight against the evil magician at the end of the game.
  • In the two player Version you basically fight together against the evil. But saving your own live, the avarice for money, and last but not least the highscore, are only some reasons why the game often becomes an exciting struggle for survival. The two player version is much easier to play than the one player version. But together with a good opponent, even the simplest level could become a breath taking hunt.


    You can create up to 5 individual levels for the one and two player mode by your own using the X-Level Editor.

    The installation is quite simple:

    You get the file gareth.zip via internet, unzip the file and execute the stored installation program install.exe on your PC. While execution the program will unpack required program files and start the installation. Now you can setup your music card, choose the path for installation etc.

    For detailed information about the game and the installation read the GARETH.DOC file...

    Useful hardwaredesign:

         -IBM AT or Compatible 
         -minimum of 640 KByte RAM 
         -VGA/SVGA or compatible Graphics Adaptor. 
         -DOS4.0 or newer, OS/2 or Windows 95! 
         -optional: VESA/PCI Bus for faster execution speed 
         -80386 or faster processor... for demo at least 80486 required 
         -optional: SOUNDBLASTER or compatible musiccard. 
    Screenshot of the Two-Player-Mode

    Software Download gareth.zip about 680 KBytes

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