So you wanna make a Homepage?

Ok, then you will need to know a few things! Like where to get a page, where to get graphics, how to put them on your page, font colors, and so much more. This page will, eventually, walk you through the entire process. It is in the beginning stages so it may be a while before it is all done. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your homepage, please email me. I love to help!
NOTE: This page is meant to be the most help to Cat lovers and those who would like to create a page for their cats or other pages. However it will be of help to anyone who needs it. Everything is pretty general except the graphics page, which is links to cat graphics.

The very first step to create your very own hompage is to get one. And you can get a great one for FREE right here! Click HERE to find out how! I will walk you through all the stages, sometimes it gets a little difficult! After you have been there, you will want to navigate through the pages in this table!

Step one-Graphics
Step two-HTML Help
Step three-Color Schemes
Step four-Advertising your page

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On a more personal note
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The background image on this page is an enhanced CatStuff graphic

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