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I'm Dak, and this is my web page on rocketry. It tells you how to get started in experimental rocketry (building your own engines) and all about rocketry in general. I updated the page for the first time in a while (10/4/00) so please check out the amateur rocketry section. I changed the design of the motor quite a bit, and I am much more confident in the design of this one, the old design was basically a piece of crap good for nothing but getting started in static testing. I am sorry that the liquid and hybrid rockets aren't up yet (I have been told building such a cheap engine is near impossible, we'll see about that) but they are nearing the first tests. I tried to test the liquid already, but it failed so now I've redesigned it and will try again. You can ask questions by using my message board, or just E-mail me. You can go to the different links I have added to go to other cool sites. I have information on all aspects of rocketry, including building your own engines. Now you can also search rocketry online by using my page! Just enter the keyword you want to search, and click "search," you will get a list of only rocket pages related to you search!

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Amateur rocketry, how to build you own engines, UPDATED (7/5/00)

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