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Generalmusic WK4  Songs

I like very much to play music on my Generalmusic WK4  Workstation.
WK4 is very powerful and it has introduced a new standard on Midi music.
Infact you can add to standard midi files synchronized lyrics and chords .
When you play the song the lyrics and the chord are displayed on the internal LCD screen or on a common television..

All you have to do is to play while WK4 show you the lyrics and the chords.
WK4 is a very cool karaoke machine.

I have found some interesting freeware midi files over the internet.
After I added the lyrics and the chords.

I tried to be as accurate as possible with the chords .The songs with those chords played.
I have spent a lot of hours preparing those songs.

< This is just the second  release of this page and I do not plan to update it anymore.
For all this work I have used this configuration:
Generalmusic WK4 with 8Mb extra ram and 1 Hard Disk .
Midi Songs Karaoke System software.

All these songs are compatible with Gem SK76,SK88,WK6,WK8,WK8SE