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Windows LCD display terminal



Download WinLCD


WinLcd let you send data to Alphanumeric LCD display with Hitachi HD44870 or compatible controller on board. You can send chars,words,text files.

It is possible to create custom chars too with bitmap calculator.

Moreover WinLcd is a great parallel port monitor so you can use it to check the printer port status.

In file menu you'll find the connection diagram to connect lcd display to PC parallel Port.

The program is very simple to use. Maybe you have to change the delay time if you have a very fast PC.

If you can't see anything on your lcd,check the contrast voltage.

This program has an automatic line feed function for 4 lines display.

In stardard 4 lines display the chars are written in this order:

Line 1 ---> Lcd Line 1

Line 2 ---> Lcd Line 3

Line 3 ---> Lcd Line 2

Line 4 ---> Lcd Line 4


With Auto line feed you get :

Line 1 ---> Lcd Line 1

Line 2 ---> Lcd Line 2

Line 3 ---> Lcd Line 3

Line 4 ---> Lcd Line 4


Just for info

This software has been written in Borland C++ Builder (6166 lines of code )and ASM .

21000 lines of code once compiled.

The asm routine for parallel port IN/OUT hasn't been tested under Windows Nt or Windows 2000.

Marco D'Onofrio


Screen Shots

WinLcd GUI. Look at the interactive parallel port monitor ,the virtual keyboard ,the shift control and the other buttons.


File Menu


You can easily open a text file and send it to your display.

State Machine simulator

This form simulates LCD uController HD44780 .

There is a schematic picture that can help you to connect LCD to parallel port


You can select your favourite parallel port address.....

....and your favourite lcd .


LCD instructions menu . Just select the task you want to run.

Bitmap calculator

You can draw your custom chars with the mouse and send them to lcd.

You can enter directly decimal,hex or binary data.

There are some useful keys as invert,flip and mirror.

If you want, you can run the 2 demo animation .



Inverting picture

Demo. Data has been downloaded to lcd and now a simple animation is running.

Shift control activated.

It is possible to shift the entire display content or.....


.....only the cursor.....


In the text box you can write and send data.


If you want , it is possible to send single chars with the Virtual Keyboard (useful for Touch Display)


You can enter data directly into parallel port monitor box in decimal



and binary format

In the parallel port box , every led has its tooltip. You can click on the led to toggle logic state of parallel port pin.