City of Carnage

Update: Whoa! My level was just included on Walnut Creek's newest Duke Nukem 3D compilation CD! The CD is titled "Toolkit for Duke Nukem 3D" and there are tons of other cool things on it such as 314 add-on levels, shareware & freeware editors, new graphics & sounds, and tutorials. The whole things clocks in for only &19.95 and it's a heck of a bargain for what all is on it. They were cool enough to send me mine for free though <g>. If you want their newest catalog, head over to but you probably already knew that. Forgive me for being so happy.....just let me have my moment......there......all done now :). This may be my inspiration to actually finish "The Grinder".

City of Carnage is a DukeMatch level that I did. I think it is pretty good for a first level if I do say so myself. I tried to include all of the things that make Duke Nukem 3D such a unique game; mirrors, breakable glass, slopes, transparent textures, etc. Check out the four pics below and the text file for a more complete description of City of Carnage. I have received quite a bit of e-mail about this level. Everything from "It sucked", "It was great", and "It was good but weird". Download it and decide for yourself. It would make a young man's heart feel all warm and toasty like.





Click here to view the text file for City of Carnage






What's up next?:

Well, nothing. If you have been here before, then you know that I was working on another DukeMatch level called 'The Grinder' but it ain't gonna happen. I swore that I would stick true to Duke 3D through it all but Quake came along and, well, you get the picture. Now I can actually create a TRUE 3D ENVIRONMENT instead of simulating one with sprites and it's a real rush. I tip my hat to 3D Realms for making a nice 'appetizer' for Quake but it was too little, too late. If only Duke 3D would have come out a couple of months sooner. Oh well, I'm pulling for you guys on Prey.



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