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[Cape Henlopen Devil][Pug With Horns]

Please report sightings to the Nature Center

The Cape Henlopen devil is a small horned animal thought to have come to Delaware from New Jersey. They crossed Delaware Bay when it was frozen with ice and were stranded at Cape Henlopen when the ice was blown to sea. Just one of the curiosities of nature to be found at Cape Henlopen State Park.

A Tall Tale of Devils on Henlopen's Cape

There's a scandalous story in Henlopen Park:
 wild rumors of beasts who come out when it's dark
  on Gordon's Pond Isle to play and cavort
   when the moon is full and the nights are short.

Cape Henlopen Devils are miraculous beasts
 who came from New Jersey looking for feasts.
  They crossed on an ice floe one cold winter's day
   and when the ice melted had no choice but to stay.

Cape Henlopen Devils are really quite fierce
 with unicorn horns which can easily pierce
  the modest defenses of regular folk
   who visit the park.  It isn't a joke!

An eyewitness tells us that some months ago
 a guest at the center, two grandkids in tow,
  was observing a Devil just recently snared
   while the kids leaned to pet him.....
         ....as close as they dared.

But when grandma prepared to go home for the night
 one grandkid was missing, and try as they might
  the staff couldn't find him.  He had vanished from 
    and the Henlopen Devil looked pleased as a shrew.

Now this scandalous mystery still is unsolved
 and the staff at the center seems quite uninvolved...
  Do you s'pose they'll refuse to give Devil his due?
   I'm getting suspicious....how about you?
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Last [Updated] March 20, 1999
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