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Bruce Kulick's Homepage Eric Singer's Homepage The Greatest Band In the World
Mercury Records Sony KISS Depot Offical KISS Reunion Tour '96 Home Page KISS Freaks
The KISSARMY Information Server The KISS Network KISS Otaku Roth's KISS Rendezvous
The KISS Asylum A Shrine to Ace Frehley KISSARMY.COM The Eric Carr Tribute Page
The Vinnie Vincent Homepage Dressed to Kill KISS Fan Page Patrick's KISS Page
The Knight's KISS Site Domino KISS Video Trading Post The KISS Years 82-88 Salvatore's KISS
KISS KISS at World of Fun The KISS Network Brad's KISS Page
The Unoffical Reunion Tour Page The Belgian KISS Page The Brazilian KISS Fan Page KISS!
Dave's Web Page A Tribute To KISS Kurt's Kompleat Waste Of Time Big Dave's Firehouse
KISSHEAD The Tavern of Taunter and Teeth KISSNet KISS GALLERY
The Labrynth's KISS Site Gods Of Thunder Omega's KISS Gallery Kiss Forever
Mark Finrock's KISS Pictures Gavin's KISS Tribute Mike Perry's AOL Homepage Downhome Stage Blood
Eric's KISS Page Parasite Wkdlstr's Homepage Heaven's On Fire
Tokyo Rock City KISSFan Homepage Kiss Nation Anthony Brown Jr.'s site
KISS! Wicked Lester's Home Page Axl's Superb Web Page Hottest Band In The World
KISSTERIA Texas KISS Fan Page KISS Web World Watching You Online
OhYeah! Online! Firehouse Magazine KISS TABS Homepage The KISS MIDI Emporium
Dave's KISS Tab Page Lyrics Kiss Dominion  


  Large Fan Sites / Archives  
KISS Asylum -- Get Psycho At The Asylum! KISS News Around The Clock: News, Features, Interviews, Multimedia, Reviews, Photos, Fanzines and more! Kiss Otaku -- Lots of KISS stuff but no longer updated. KISS -- Off the wall KISS site with graphics, photos, news, features, multimedia.
KISS FAQ II -- The Ultimate KISS Reference! KISS -- The Online Community is here. Free KISS webhosting and email, KISS Auction and more! Lynn's KISS Dominion -- Great page with tons of unique features, news and more
KISS Vault -- The Very Best in KISS Multimedia! Photos, Video, Real Audio, everything! Dave's Firehouse -- Photo Repository, news and info. KISS Still Alive! -- Cool KISS page with tons of links, reviews, news and more
Roth's KISS Rendezvous -- KISS news, sound files, bb and more    



  Online KISS Print Fanzines  
KISS Asylum Fanzine Index -- A list of online and offline KISS Fanzines Firehouse Magazine -- Internet site to Firehouse Magazine. KISSaholics Online -- Online siteto the KISSaholics Fanzine
KISS Kollector Online Online site to the KISS Kollector Fanzine KISS Hell Online Online site to a great print fanzine. Some great reunion photos here! Karisma Online -- Online site to the Karisma Fanzine
KISS Dynasty Online -- Online site to the KISS Dynasty Fanzine KISSIN' Time USA -- Online site to the KISSIN' Time USA Fanzine KISS Fever Online KISS Chikara -- Dutch KISS fanclub. You can subscribe to KISS Chikara here.
KISS Army International Online -- Site devoted to the print fanzine KISS Strike. Go here to subscribe.    



  The KISS Asylum Multilingual News Affiliates  
Spanish KISS Dynasty News -- KISS Asylum KISS news translated in Spanish KISS Deutschland News -- KISS Asylum KISS news translated in German KISS Asylum em Portugues -- KISS Asylum KISS news translated in Portugues
Deuce Italia Network -- KISS Asylum news translated in Italian! KISSablanca's KISS Asylum News in Czech -- KISS Asylum News translated in Czech KISS Asylum News Japan -- KISS Asylum News translated in Japanese
KISS Asylum News Dutch -- KISS Asylum News translated in Dutch KISS Asylum Nouvelles en Fraccais -- KISS Asylum News translated in French KISS Asylum News Russia -- KISS Asylum News translated in Russian
KISS Asylum News Dutch -- KISS Asylum News translated in Dutch    



  Official Web Sites -- New The Official KISS Website! The UNION Asylum -- The Official UNION Website! Bruce Kulick's Virtual Studio -- Official Bruce Kulick web site
Bob Kulick's "Koolicks Music" -- Official Bob Kulick web site. Eric Singer All Access -- Official Eric Singer web site The Official KISS & Tell Website -- New Author Gordon G.G. Gebert's website offering his controversial KISS & Tell books and more.
Richie Scarlett web page -- web page from Axis Records. Order Richie's CD here.    



KISS Real Audio Files
Gene, Paul and Eric Carr discuss favorite songs War Machine in Gothenburg, Sweeden 10/27/84 Eric Carr phone interview KISS jam on "Hey Joe" and a country song
Lynn of "Party Of Five" performs "R 'n R All Night" Gene Simmonns movie lines Gene in tv appearence Eric Carr - "Cry All Night" - written when he was 17
Vinnie Vincent explains fast playing "Let Me Go, Rock n Roll" - Reunion Tour Gene and Paul do acoustic version of "Goin' Blind" - 3/17/94 Gene and Paul do acoustic version of "Hard Luck Woman" - 1/7/93
Eric Carr's Parasite Drum Solo Gene, Paul w/Wicked Lester perform "She" - Pre KISS Ace's solo on Wendy O' Williams "Bump and Grind" Bruce's blues jam solo
"Beth" in "Phantom of the Park" "Black Diamond" in Japan in 1977 Peter Chris drum solo in Japan in 1977 "I Love It Loud" - England
"I Still Love You" - England "Fits Like A Glove" - England Mark St. John solo on "White Tiger" album - 1986 KISS do Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love" - NY 1984
KISS discusses staying together after Peter quits Vinnie Vincent discusses how he joined the band Cold Gin - Detroit 1974 100,000 Years - Detroit 1974
Nothin To Lose -Detroit 1974 "4ever" Gene demo '78 "So Many Girls, So Little Time" - KISS demo '83 "Charisma" - Kiss unplugged '95
"Moby Dick"(Led Zeppelin) KISS Live in Toronto '95 "Zeptune" - Bruce Kulick demo "I Walk Alone"_w/Bruce on vocals)- KISS '95 (Carnival Of Souls) "Outramental" - Kiss '95 (Carnival Of Souls) didn't make the cd.


  KISS Guitar Tab Sites -- #1 KISS Guitar Tabs Page on the Net!   Turn It Up - KISS tabs


  KISS Fan Sites  
Rock and Roll Party in Tokyo -- New Japanese subtitles, Setlists for past Japanese tours and more. KISS Love Gun -- NewTour dates, links and KISStory. Chris' Seventies KISS Website -- New Original artwork and photos, a trading list, message board and links.
KISS Fans Homepage -- New Cd's,links,lookups,offical kiss store links,banner sites,webring and more! Carol's KISS Site -- New KISS-news, a huge KISS-bootleg list & Extreme Close Up to KISS items. Radiowolf's KISS Site -- NewMy personal tribute to KISS
Sean's Kanadian KISS Konnection -- New complete album review page, trivia, lots of links, photos. I Wanted The Best...I GOT The Best -- My tribute to the Hottest Band in the World, KISS! Sikkworld -- updated uk based fan site doing my best for the best band in the world!
Kimmo's KISS World -- KISS site with Finnish point of view; news, reviews, games, photos concerning Finland. KISS Love Gun -- New site in the works this is my tribute to KISS. Santiago Rock City -- Spanish KISS site. A lot of interesting stuff including MP3's and winamp skins.
Kazeworks KISS News -- A good updated KISS news section and many things to come. The KISS Circus -- news, track by track album reviews, a fan page, a huge links section, original artwork, and more. Kiss Alive Collectibles -- KISS collectibles site.
Michelle's KISS Tribute Page -- ROCK-BOTTOM: KISSin Canadian Time -- Lots to see. Lots of downloads including ALL of the Psycho Circus album. Eric Carr Action Figure Campaign Homepage -- Campaign to convince McFarlane Toys to produce an Eric Carr action figure.
Arno's KISS page -- photo's and midi files KISSin' UK -- Latest UK KISS news, reviews, Giorgios KISS T-shirts and more. Eulenspiegel's KISS Collector --
Dezo's KISS Page -- Small but humble tribute to the hottest band in the world BEDKISS's Home Page -- Personal collection, chat, trade KISS Konnection -- News, memorial section, KISS artwork, photos, multimedia, and more
Crazy Night's Page -- Page devoted to 80's KISS! The KISS Jungle -- Snowblind's Psycho Circus Review --
KISS City --    
KISS Psycho Circus -- Site devoted to the KISS Psycho Circus comic book. Klassic KISS Flashback -- Vintage KISS articles KISS - Loving It Loud --
Houston Axl's KISS Fan Page -- KISS: Wastelands -- KISS This! -- Tribute to the Gods of Thunder from DownUnder
DrMatrixx's KISS Page -- a few sounds, pics, and links. KISS Starlight -- KISS Souls -- Timeline,lyrics,mailing-list,chat,real audio,photo's and more
Ace & Rae's KISS Command Center -- Photos, chat, BB, photos, artwork, desktop themes, first ever Eric Carr desktop theme Shout It Out Loud's home page -- KISS lyrics and more KISS Stuff -- Pictures, real-audio, Swedish news, TradeZone and more
KISS Still Alive -- KISS / UNION page Guitarmageddon -- Paged dedicated to Vinnie Vincent The KISS Party Zone KISS Latinoamerica --
The Demon's Lair -- The God of Thunders Domain with Links and pro-Gene stuff, downloads. KISS Collectors Norway -- The proud home of The Interactive Kiss Bands Pedigree KISS Unholy -- KISS pics, midi, and a KISS chat room, plus more.
ACEFREAK KISS -- KISS news, catalog of 78 KISS CD'S, join my web ring, and more!! KISS: Rock & Roll Over -- KISS fan page. Anything KISS --
Peter Criss Cat Club -- The first and only Peter Criss fan site! KISSablanca -- The first Czech KISS website KISS Soldiers web site --
Rock Bottom -- KISS & The Child of Thunder -- Hard Luck Woman --
Strange Ways -- Eric Carr Tribute Page -- Great page totally devoted to the Fox! Plaster Casters KISS Page - KISS fan page
KISS Zone -- KISS page with photos and more Hottest Band in the World...KISS -- KISS page with news, tour dates and photos Marg's KISS fan page -- KISS fan page
KISS...Rock & Roll All Nite!!! KISS Net -- KISS with a nice design and layout. KISS news and reviews etc. KISS Heads -- KISS fan site. Cool layout, (Virtual House) with KISS gossip and photos! Brad's KISS Page still under construction
The Hooterville Homepage of KISS -- Page of KISS info and links.    


  Miscellaneous KISS Sites  
KISS Web Ring -- Join the KISS web site network. KISSLINKS.COM -- New The Largest KISS Link Site On The Net -- WCW wrestler who is a big KISS fan! "C'mon Baby!"
KISS Army Online Family -- New This site features the pics and stories of the KISSarmy from the KISS Asylum Chat "KAOL Music from the Folder" web page -- Web page for this KISS Tribute CD "KAOL II - Creatures of the Net" web page -- Web page for the sequel KISS Tribute CD
"Black Diamond" KISS book web page -- Web page for this cool KISS book "Black Diamond 2" KISS book web page -- Web page for this cool KISS book KISSin' Time Radio -- Real Audio broadcasts of KISS themed shows!
Wall of Sound KISS page -- interesting KISS stuff here.  


  Services and Merchandise - (Official)  
David Snowden KISS Catalog -- Official KISS Reunion gear including New Reunion Tour Books!. -- FriedAlive Mailorder Guitar Heaven -- official KISS tab books, KISS guitars from Gibson and Ibanez, and more
KISS Postcards -- KISS Postcards, KISS Cars, Action Figures and more! Concert Posters -- check out these rare KISS posters and order online. Sony Signatures -- Official KISS ARMY store.
Rock Dream Records Online -- KISS page with tons of cool official KISS merchandise! KISS Mousepads and more -- Kiss Mouse Pads, CD Holders and Free Screen Savers.  


  KISS Photo / Graphic / Multimedia sites  
KISS Kreations -- KISS graphics and such to help with building web sites! KISS Eye Kandy -- The Best KISS graphics page on the net!! The Real Audio Archive -- New A great site for TONS of Real Audio KISS songs!
The Niteowl's world of KISS -- KISS graphics page. RockHeads web site -- web page for Eric Carr's RockHeads. Very interesting page! Check it out KISS Midi Emporium -- New Great Place For The Best KISS Midi Files
KISS Delights -- creates banners and KISS graphics for other pages. KISS MP3 -- KISS page with KISS songs in stereo KISS Sinner -- KISS graphics page and more
Almost Human's Celebrity Pictures & Links(Dedicated To KISS) -- Pictures, Links, 5 Letterman Top Ten Containing KISS, Lyrics Jaccob's KISS Art Gallery -- 7 year old KISS fan shows off his artwork KISS Krazy -- New Behind-the-scenes photos from artist on the "Psycho Circus" video in Dallas.


  UNION websites (Bruce Kulick's Band)  
The UNION Asylum -- The Official Online UNION Fan Website! The UNION Asylum Bulletin Board -- Come and discuss about UNION Kulick-it Up -- Great page from one of Bruce's most devoted fans!
UNION Deutschland -- German UNION page    


  KISS Konversation  
Internet KISS Newsgroup KISS Asylum Live Chat KISS Asylum's KISS Army Online BB
UNION Asylum BB KISS Asylum's KISS Traders BB KISS Freaks Klassified BB
Still Alive BB Wall of Sound KISS BB iMusic's KISS BB


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