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Last updated July 1999
This page is made and maintained by Thomas Scherrer

The main purpose of this page is to collect and share information and good ideas. I know there is a lot of people out there, that have made some good Utilities and hardware solutions. Now we all can share this infomation.
This page is planned to contain sourcecode, assemblers, utilities, FAQs, docs, etc.
Some of the info found here is property of Zilog, like hardware docs, instruction sets. and some of the software available. Read the copyright notice.

Z8 Brief Description

Z8 Instruction Set

Z8 Assembler Syntax with detailed information

Known BUGS

Source Code Examples:


  • LightShowSource One 18 pin CPU (Z86E04/08) and 11LEDs is (almost) all you need. This source uses table lookup, and PWM for analog output.
  • LightShowPicture1 Picture of the lightshow taken by http://www.netreach.net/~jrovito
  • LightShowPicture2 Picture 2
  • Microwire Using Microwire Peripherals with the Z8, EEPROM and A/D source code.


  • nothing, yet

    Z8 Hardware Help:

    Z8 CPU Block Diagram Se all the internal stuff in the CPU
    small schematic This is a system example NOT DONE YET!!!!
    Z8 pinout 18pin IC
    Z8 pinout 28pin IC

    Utilities Available For You:



  • Bin2DB.ZIP Binary file to DB converter, very useful for including data files in assempler sourcecode.
  • HexStuff.ZIP Hex to Binary converter, Bin to HEX, Hex to Hex (it fixes the file), And The HEX file format description.

    PC MS-Windows 3.11/95

  • HEXcnv10.ZIP HexDecBin Converter, make number translation easier.
  • HEXedt.ZIP HexEditor.
  • Hedit1.ZIP Another HexEditor.

    Z8 Microcontroller:


  • IceBoxEPROM Hex code for 27C64 EPROM, to be used in the Z8 Real-Time incurcuit Emulator, version 1.5 bug fixed, can handle up to 57K Baud, to the IceBox V3.0
  • IceBoxEPROM Hex code for 27C64 EPROM, to be used in the Z8 Real-Time incurcuit Emulator, latest version, to the IceBox V3.02

    PC MS-Windows 3.11/95

  • IceBoxV3.0 ICEBOX software, for the Z8 Emulator and OTP. GUI version 3.0.
  • IceBoxV3.02 ICEBOX software, for the Z8 Emulator and OTP. Latest GUI version 3.02.

    Intereresting Links, about Z8, Info, Hardware, Software, Emulators and more:

  • Zilog, Inc. Thanks To Zilog, They made it.
  • www.softaid.net/embedded.html Consultants. This is a chance for you embedded freelancers to get a pretty big audience.
  • NoICE 2.5 remote debugger for Z8
  • System initialization requires as much care as the rest of your.. interesting reading

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