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    1st Word
    Resources for your Atari ST/TT/Falcon Computer

    Tips, Tricks, and General Info. | Downloadable Files | Important Resources

    Tips, Tricks, and General Info.

     Atari TOS Desktop A Guide to the DESKTOP.INF and NEWDESK.INF files, by Thomas J. Hopper.
     MintNet FAQ FAQ written by Christer Gustavsson. Seup tips for MintNet SLIP/PPP connectivity.
     Atari ST SLIP FAQ The Atari Guide to Network Connectivity.
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    Downloadable Files

     Teddy Term V2.14 294581 bytes Popular telecommunication software. Fairly comprehensive. Considered by many to be the best for the ST series!
     XYZ V2.02 22727 bytes Telecommunication software. New version includes Ymodem-G support, 32-bit CRC's, extended ZMODEM options, and more!
     Speed of Light V3.8 187990 bytes Unique image processing/viewing program with advanced color editing and image manipulation features. Loads and views many image formats including GIF, JPEG, and IMG. Can display many more colors than available on normal low color STs. Supports Falcon030 DSP and many add-on graphics cards.
     STZip26.ZIP 133208 bytes This is STZip version 2.6. Compatible with PKZip 2.04 on the PC and Info-Zip on Unix (Zip v1.9/UnZip v5.0). You must use STZIP26.PRG to unzip the STZIP26.ZIP file. NOTE: Before you start the program, install a ram disk of at least 200K, call it drive 'P' and place STZIP26.ZIP in it.
     STZIP26.PRG 156416 bytes
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    Important Resources

     Channel Atari
    Channel Atari
    Great resource for downloading Atari internet apps, including STinG (for PPP), STiK (for Slip), etc. Also has movie players.
     HomePage Penguin
    HomePage Penguin
    This is the 'official' site for HomePage Penguin, the first Atari homepage designer.
       CAB Now! Get the latest version of CAB Browser here.
     STiK Homepage
    STiK Homepage
    The ST Internet kit. Everything you need to get on the web. Latest versions of STiK, CAB, Antmail, Finger, FTP, etc...
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