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    Atari Cosmos Picture
    In 1978, Atari engineer Lyle Raines began working on an outer space game for a holographic game system Atari was developing called Cosmos. The 3D display for this game would display moving spaceships and several planets and asteroids that the player must destroy and avoid.
        This game would eventually become the arcade smash Asteroids, but the handheld Cosmos system wouldn't be announced until 1981. What was to set Cosmos apart from other handhelds, aside from the holographic display, was that it would use removable cartridges. Atari announced the system in May of 1981, and said the unit would retail for $100, with eight cartridges, including Asteroids and Space Invaders, selling for $10 each.
        Early reviews of the Cosmos complained that the holograms were nothing more than backdrops and did not enhance game play. Atari decided to postpone release of the Cosmos until the holographic system could be redesigned. At that time, however, the stand alone market was in decline and the Cosmos was never heard about again.

    Cosmos Retail Box
    Images courtesy of Atari Historical Society

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