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The General was placed out of view of guests in late July after the attempted  run of the steam locomotive during the Gretta's break down. However this failed and the Six Flags Railroad was out of operation all through Salute 2 America. The picture to the left is behind the shed of the Six Flags Over Georgia train shed where the General has been left to rot for the 2003 season. It is still unknown if the train will run as steam in 2004, be coverted to deasil or sit again while the Gretta ruins the tracks.

Unlike the General and Texas the Gretta does not have what is called "ponywheels" (pony wheels help to guide the locomotive through the curves) therefore litterally shaving the track with every run. Six Flags Over Georgia is now trying to be convienced from former train workers and many others who care for this attraction, to return at least the General to steam. Even the price will be lower to fix and run steam than rent Gretta out again and maintain it for the 2004 season.
Picutres in the care of Trainman. Photos taken mid-late season 2003.