Sizzlerking's FAQs:

Q1: Do you sell batteries for the Mattel or Playing Mantis cars?

A1: No, not currently. See my Battery FAQ/Information page for more details on older battery tests.

Q2: What is the value of my cars?

A2: If you want an approximate value of your Sizzlers, or related items, I will be happy to help you. Please e-mail me with a detailed description and an ATTACHED picture (jpeg, gif, tiff) of your items so that I can view them and make an educated appraisal. Appraisal inquiries sent WITHOUT a picture will NOT be answered. Web links to photos are acceptable. "Zipped" photos acceptable.

Q3: Do you buy collections?

A3: No. There was a point in time when I was dealing heavily in Sizzlers and related items, and purchasing huge collections. Due to my current work load I do not have the time for it anymore. HOWEVER, I am always looking for certain pieces to add to my collection. If you have a collection, and are willing to part with the items that I might need, please e-mail me with a detailed list.

Q4: Do they still make Sizzlers?

A4: YES!!! FINALLY!!! Mattel has re-released them. They are available ONLY at Target stores nationwide. See the Sizzlerking NEWS page for more details.

Playing Mantis also re-released them in 1996-7, but were sued by Mattel for copyright infringement. The stores in turn had huge "blow-outs" of merchandise in 1998. PM cars that originally sold for $8 to $10 were being let go for .99 cents! Needless to say, we stocked up on them big time here.

Q5: Does Mattel plan on re-releasing Sizzlers in the near future?

A5: See A4 above.

Q6: When were Mattel Sizzlers made?

A6: Essentially from 1970 - 1978. Two years, 1975 and 1977, technically had no new releases on the shelves, but the older cars were still available. I remember finding and buying Sizzlers and related Mattel items well into the 80's.

Q7: Do you rebuild or restore cars?

A7: I can rebuild a car for you. My openings are on a very limited basis right now. Your best bet is to e-mail me to see if I can fit you into the schedule. I do not repaint or rechrome cars. Contact Mike Grove at the Sizzlers-Hotline for repaint and rechroming prices.

Q8: Do you sell reproduction or spare parts?

A8: No. Contact Mike Grove at the Sizzlers-Hotline for reproduction and spare parts. He also does repaints.

Q9: Do you sell reproduction or spare Fat Track Joiners?

A9: No. Nobody I know is reproducing them at this time.

Q10: Do you sell cars?

A10: Yes. Currently I have some runner and collector grade cars available. I DON'T HAVE A LIST OF THEM. e-mail me with what you WANT, and I'll tell you if I have it available.

Q11: Do you sell track sets or accessories?

A11: No. When I get these items in, they go straight to eBay, or are sold on the Redlines Online Message Board.