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 Packard Bell Wintune 95 and
Wintune 97 Project

The Wintune project is now over, it lasted for 2 years and the time has come to stop it.  Not because I want to, but because Wintune 97 is now an obsolete software and it's replacement Wintune 98 stinks.  Wintune 98 has lost all the good features of the older Wintune programs and unfortunatly to test the newer CPU's we need to use the newer Wintune.  Wintune 95 and 97 do not properly detect the AMD K6-2 and IDT Winchip, this makes the project useless as we are no longer able to compare our upgrades.

 Anyhow, this page remains for those that may want to use the Wintune results to compare thier older system with others, but for those of you with newer systems you will not be able to use Wintune 97.  you will need to tr a newer version of Wintune.
Get Results:

Download current Wintune results (you need Wintune 95 or 97 to view results, Look below for link to download Wintune) 

  • Last and final Update May 03, 1998  
  • Number of participants: 48
With these results we can see how other machines perform. For example we can see how different peocessor speeds do in the same motherboards or how the addition of extra RAM improves performance. Or how different processor will compare in the same type of computer.  It also has some results from overclocking. They are very interesting.
Thank You!
Where do you get Wintune 95 or Wintune 97?

You get it free from Windows Magazine Check it out.

Why did I do this?

Simply for the fun of it.  I wanted to see how different upgrade options helped the benchmrk results.  Anyhow the results remain for those that want to read them.

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