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26-year old newborn

About me

Hi, My name is Salomon Vágadal Joensen.

Web Links

My web links page (01/04/04)


A test site (in faroese) which I made in computer science class back in November 2002. I used quite a lot of VB script on this one.

My Starcraft campaigns

Three campagins, Terran, Zerg and Protoss that I made a long time ago over a lond duration of time (1998-2001)

Various images

Just some "original" images. Also pictures of me. (03/05/04)

The business man

The unlogical Genesis. How God fucked us over and made us know between good and evil (30/03/04)


Just some select analogies (30/03/04)

The Unconditioned Faith

How I percieve faith versus reason (31/03/04)

A view on reason

How I percieve reason - faith versus reason #2 (03/04/04)

A view on Obesity

Obesity. What I think about obesity and obese people; victims of obesity or simple gluttony? (17/04/04)

Science as a parent

Why do some (stupid) people consider science as some authoritative institution that is supposed to take responsibility for their foolish actions? Science is a tool for our understanding - don't make it more than what it is. (22/04/04)

We are our memories

My thoughts about moral value judgments and what can be addressed as a moral value judgment(01/05/04)


An aspect of beliefs are simply personifications of ourselves (13/05/04)

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