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Day 3 Home
Jack Bauer
Week 10

Today's Date:
July 19, 2006
Week 10...

Look at us now
We're so ready, it's true
To pack up our toys
and come live with you!!!

Our ears are all up
Even Elvis came through
We're full fledged
Pembroke Welsh Corgis
for sure!!

So send us a note
and come visit us too,
we six are all waiting
to go home with you!!
This is our big sister Bess...
she needs a new home too!
Our big sister Bessie...
a year and a half old

We just can't believe it
she hasn't been sold!

A new home she is seeking
a family of her own

Her smiles and her wiggle butt...
she's in the fun puppy zone!!!
(My new mom & dad are
& Joe --
I went home with my
new mom last weekend)
Send us an e-mail: corgisrock@aol.com