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Day 3 Home
Week 7

Today's Date:
June 28, 2006
Jack Bauer
Week 7...

Away for awhile
we grew & we grew...

Now we are ready
to come live with you!!

Our ears are up high...
well most of them are

Except for dear Elvis
they're still under par

So send Grammy a note
place your pup order now

Come meet us
we'd love it

We'll trill with a bow!!

Elvis Mo
(My new mom & dad are
Stephanie & Joe)
Scroll down to see our big sister Bess...
she needs a new home too!
Send us an e-mail!
Our big sister Bessie...
a year and a half old

We just can't believe it
she hasn't been sold!

A new home she is seeking
a family of her own

Her smiles and her wiggle butt...
she's in the fun puppy zone!!!