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Do you want PIANO or KEYBOARD lessons and live in the Romiley/Stockport area?  Then click HERE to Melanie's updated (2006/07) prospectus site for information about her piano/keyboard teaching and follow links to useful web sites for those learning to play the piano or keyboard.

the other family members' pages to see our interests and favourite links.

Dad Stewart attempted to auction his stockpile of vinyl singles and LPs from the 1960s to the 1990s.  Those that haven't sold at Ebay at their first attempt, his "Nobids" are collected here for anyone interested in buying these items.
Stewart has an eclectic taste, musically at least, spanning from Frank all the way to Zappa and back to the Residents via the best Belgian chanteur Jacques Brel.
Click here for Stewart's Page of Links.

Ella  made her debut in html some time ago.
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Peter  created this page on his fave TV shows like Red Dwarf, The Simpsons and Star Trek Voyager some time ago too and would be embarrassed if people were still browsing it!
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