by Masanori Horie

Chris Jericho's Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Irvine
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Irvine
Sunday, July 30, 2000

"As powerful as the word love is, it is not strong enough to describe how I feel for you!"

"Sudden Impact/Corazón de Leon/Lion Heart/Thrillseeker/Lion-do/Monday Night/ Y2J/Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla" Chris Jericho and his girlfriend, Miss Jessica Lee Lockhart, were married at the St. Charles Country Club in front of their family and friends at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 30, 2000. I was given the honor of my presence at their marriage.

Christopher Keith Irvine was born as the son of former NHL'er Ted Irvine in New York City on Monday, November 9, 1970. He grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and studied journalism at Westwood Collegiate. He trained at the Hart Brothers' Wrestling Camp for three months in the summer of 1990 and debuted as "Chris Jericho," from Helloween's "Walls of Jericho," in 1990.

Sudden ImpactFul Thrillseekers' Record Book (Chris Jericho & Lance Storm)

Chris' best friend, Len Olson (Len St. Clair / Dr. Luther / Atomic Punk) was the Best Man at the wedding ceremony. Wrestlers from various wrestling companies were in the crowd ... Edge & Christian from the WWF, Lance Storm, Billy Kidman, Torrie Wilson, Lt. Loco [Chavo Guerrero Jr.], Disco Inferno, commentator Mark Madden, and ring announcer Dave Penzer from WCW, Don Callis (Jackyl / Cyrus) from ECW, "Thunderbird" Bret Como, and some young wrestlers from Stampede Wrestling in Calgary.

I was very happy to go all the way (24 hours) to Winnipeg, Canada from Tokyo, Japan. Chris and Jessica really love their family and friends as well as their family and friends love them. What a wonderful time I had to celebrate their marriage with their warm-hearted family and friends!

Winnipeg accounts for about two-thirds (650,000) of the population of Manitoba and lies at the geographic center of the country, sandwiched between the American frontier to the south and the infertile Canadian Shield to the north and east. From the very beginning, Winnipeg was described as the city where "the West began."

Chris & Jessica
Chris and Jessica at a pre-wedding celebration, Saturday, July 29, 2000

Chris, Jessica, and Masanori
Jessica, Chris, and Masanori, July 29, 2000

At the wedding
Chris and Jessica at the wedding ceremony, Sunday, July 30, 2000

The happy couple
The happy couple

Eating their cake
Chris and Jessica cut the cake at the reception

Como, Storm, Jericho, and Masanori
"Thunderbird" Bret Como, WCW "Canadian" champion Lance Storm, Masanori, and Chris Jericho

Torrie WilsonTorrie Wilson and Masanori

EdgeEdge and Masanori

ChristianChristian and Masanori

Dr. LutherChris' best friend, Len Olson (Len St. Clair / Dr. Luther / Atomic Punk) and Masanori

Cyrus the VirusDon Callis (Jackyl / Cyrus) and Masanori

Wrestlers at the reception
Wrestlers at the reception following the ceremony, including Disco Inferno, Edge, Billy Kidman, Torrie Wilson, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and others

Johnny Ace

Johnny Ace and Masanori
Masanori and Johnny Laurinaitis (Ace) backstage at WCW Nitro in Cincinnati, Ohio, Monday, July 31, 2000

Firstar Center
Firstar Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

I attended WCW Monday Nitro at the Firstar Center in Cincinnati, Ohio on Monday, July 31. I met Johnny "Ace" Laurinaitis. Johnny canceled All Japan Pro Wrestling's tour in July and decided to stop wrestling in the ring and concentrate behind the scenes for WCW. He is one of the smartest men in the business, and this is his message to Japanese fans:

"My new position with WCW is very interesting. I feel that, even though I have only been there a few weeks, the matches have turned for the better. I have been very busy working with Vince Russo. He is a great story writer. A lot of things are taking place in our organization. I am enjoying the challenge. All Japan had gotten a little boring for me, and I needed a new challenge. I miss Japan, and I did an interview with Samurai Television. They came to WCW to interview Muta and me. I told them that Johnny Ace misses his fans and am sorry not to be able to say good bye. The match against Kawada and Taue in the Budokan (June 9, 2000) was the last time anyone will ever see me in the ring. I never plan on wrestling anymore. I want to make the stars of the future and have the ability and power to do so. I just wish I could have ended my career in Japan a different way. Things happened so fast, I had to make a decision. I hope that the Japanese fans aren't angry. I never meant to hurt All Japan."

The Great MutaThe Great Muta (Keiji Mutoh) and Masanori

Jeff Jarrett"The Chosen One," Jeff Jarrett, and Masanori

MadusaMadusa and Masanori

Arigato and Sayonara

Abdullah, Gordon Solie, and Masanori
Abdullah the Butcher, Gordon Solie, and Masanori

"So long from the Peach State of Georgia"--the late Gordon Solie


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