Big Air Tricks
One Foot Peg Grab
One Foot Peg Grab Gap
One Foot Shaft Grab
Tuck Gap
No Foot Peg Grab
Judo Gap
Huge Air Judo
Fire Gap - No Footer
Fire Gap - Peg Grab
Fire Gap - One Foot Peg Grab
Fire Gap - Judo
Flatland / Stalls
"Fish Hook"
Hand Plant
One Foot Frame Stand
One Foot Peg Stall
One Foot Peg Stand
Another One Footed Stall
Peg Stall
Peg Tap/Stand
Foot Plant
Surfer Peg Stand
Tree Peg Stall
Tree Toe Stall
UZ Normal to Reverse
UZ Reverse to Normal
Fast Plant Peg Grab
Double Fast Plant
Tuck Over a Lawnmower
Bench Gaps
Crappy Gap
180 Drop
Bloody Lip #1
Bloody Lip #2
Lip Stitches
Shin Cut #1
Shin Cut #2