Konami presents a spy action game full of plot twists and intricate human drama; perhaps, one of the best videogames of the last ten years. And ten years is what Hideo Kojima waited to continue the Metal Gear saga. He's the man who made a shocking game for the MSX system in 1987 called Metal Gear. Later, a sequel and a conversion (for Nintendo) appeared. He also made Snatchers and Policenauts, for Nintendo too. He's been waiting all these years to make the third part, Metal Gear SOLID, because he wanted a machine which have enough resources to turn his dreams into reality. Finally, he found that dream machine in Playstation.

dream machine

Instead it's only fiction, the experts asked an ex-soldier from the British SAS (Chris Ryan, now writer of novels) to prove it. Chris said that the argument was really serious and exicting, but didn't know how Konami convinced the governments to release it, because of its story of secret nuclear weapons, politics, army, terrorism, and genetic experiments; was so close to reality.

Althought a lot of people think that Metal Gear SOLID is full of violence, I don't think so. Of course it's not for kids, but it uses the violence (which doesn't appear in a gore style) to show the horror of war and the misery in the world. In all the conversations between the characters, they all feel regretful about what happens. But it's so late now to change sides. Along the game, the message of peace and nuclear danger is present. And also a History lesson about World War II and the Cold War. It is true that one time, all countries thought that having a great army and so dangerous weapons, they would be safe and have peace. In MGS, Kojima wanted to mix all these ideas, to make the player see things from different points of view.

That's what you'll find in Metal Gear SOLID. The main character, Solid Snake, is an special agent from Fox-Hound, a secret corporation who has lost some of their members in a riot they've organized with part of the army; to have back the remains of 'Big Boss' the best soldier ever born. After his death in the 70s , there were rumors about some scientists who took some cells to use them in a genome experiment, later known as 'Les enfants terrible'. The terrorists want the remains back and threaten the world with a new type of nuclear weapon. Later, Solid Snake is sent to Shadow Moses, a secret island near the coast of Alaska, to sabotage their plans of launching a nuclear missile from the lethal new weapon. There, he discovers that his old 'partners' have stolen secret projects from the Pentagon. The weapon known as Metal Gear was a secret project of the US government, a great tank able to walk and launch missiles to any point on earth. He also discovers that they wanted the remains of the Boss because many of them were victims of the experiment 'Les enfants terrible' and a genetic disease was killing them. Finally, Solid Snake will discover he's also a puppet in the hands of the government, and also part of 'Les enfants terrible' and nearly goes mad by thinking he has been killing all his 'brothers' Sometimes life seems funny. Snake never had a family. He remembered many people around him, but never parents, never brothers, never sisters. He grew up in a cold behavior and soon he entered the army and became a killing-machine, very useful in some wars and special missions. After years and years fighting for the government, he decided to retire, at the age of 30, and bought a house in Alaska to live alone, with his race dogs (he's a musher); far from his bloody past which tortures him, tired of living that way, killing others. Few years later, the secret service will push him to save the world once more. Exactly to save it? That's what they told him...

The characters are so complex, each one has its own story parallel with the main one. For example, Revolver Ocelot wants to return to the old times of the Great Mother Russia.

One of the most dramatic lives is Psycho Mantis' whose mother died when he was born, his father threatened him very bad, and also did the people of the little country he lived in, because he was so ugly. When he was teenager, he started to sense his ability to read the mind. The first mind he entered in, was his father's one. How to explain all the hate a human heart can hold, his father cursed the day he came to this world.
Psycho Mantis couldn't understand what happened then; he ran out of the country, wanted to give up living, to extract all the pain that was eating him. His mind was exploding. Lots of voices were coming into himself at the same time, like a storm, all what the people had thought about him since he was born. A few days after, the feeling dissapeared. Not exactly, but he felt different. Then he decided to return to his country. Flames and ruins were all he found. Then he understood what incredible power he had. It was not only to read the minds. He decided to break up with his past. Forget everything and start a new life using his power for benefit of the human race. He became part of the KGB, studied crimes, and murderers. He read thousands of minds in few years. To know why the people hate it each other, to know what makes people kill, and how to help them.

One day he met one of the most dangerous men all over the world. Tried to read his mind. Then he went mad, and lived the rest of his days with the only wish to kill as many as he could.

Why do I like Sniper Wolf's character? All the baddies in Metal Gear have in common a dark Past. Their respective childhoods have been touched by disgrace, and they've decided to rule the world with fear and violence (just look at Psycho Mantis) They've chosen the bad way, but what makes one person chose the bad one, and not the others?

Sniper says before she dies, that she wanted to have revenge on this cruel world, but she only discovered she was wrong, when all was did, and no way back. She looks strong and atracttive, and men around her often feel frightened or impressed. But she's never left that poor and little girl saved by Big Boss, her particular 'Saladino', during the war. Born in Iraq, but from a Kurdish clan. Her family and her were chased to death as many kurdish people (Nation without land, similar situation to the Jewish or Gypsies). Taught in Nepal by the best sniper ever known she easily became famous however she was so young (in her 20s). She decided not to love anybody, playing with her pretenders, to finish killing them; until she meets Solid Snake and falls in love (instead she had to kill him). But Snake doesn't correspond her because he's already caught by the sweet (but tough) Meryl Silverburgh.

Despite that cold aspect, Sniper has a tender side. She loves animals. When the mixture of wolves with race dogs (mushing) became illegal, many of those animals were meant to be sacrified. Sniper took them to Shadow Moses, and kept them in a cave, near the snowfield. Everyday she went down to the snowfield to play with them and also feed them. That's because during the war, when she was little, she only found refuge between the wolves' howls and the depths of the forests, where the noise of shots and horns sounded far, very far away. Where soldiers and assasins could never find her. She grew up losing her relatives. Waking up in the mornings to see friends, and family, dead. She said when she left her country, that she dreamed many times with the deep peace of a place in nature. And it's the snowfield, between the pines and the sad howls of her litter, where she finally dies.

Is Sniper Wolf an assasin, a mad woman, or a saint? Could someone justify its acts by remembering the danger of a past dominated by fear? Why do some people choose the bad way? Why must the innocent people suffer in war? What about the other characters? What drives some people to kill each other? How much hate a human heart can hold?

Someone said that the dog is man's best friend. But it is also said that Man is the wolf of man.


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