Tippmann 98 Custom
This marker is a tank! You can drag it through the mud, bang it against a tree, throw it across the field pick it up and play the next game. This may be the very best newbie marker ever built, and the best part is, it can be customized to such an extent as to make it a tourney ready marker too. It accepts Tippmann Drop in kits which literally just drop into the marker, such as the reactive trigger and electronic kits. You can easily add expansion chambers, and a plethora of barrels are available. You won't find a better, more reliable marker for the $125.00 that the 98 Custom costs, and as your game improves, your marker can easily improve with you. Almost everybody has owned one of these at one point in their paintball career, they're awesome. A++, highly recommended.
PBA Non-Electro Marker Reviews
This is one of the best markers of all time! 2003 models come stock with a hinge providing you with all the speed you'll need; add a nice aftermaket barrel, and it will be the best non electronic marker you have ever used. The brilliant designing, excellent efficiency, short, smooth hinge trigger and legendary accuracy will make you tournament ready for the mere price of about $345.00 stock. This marker, however, is not for newbies, or kids. It is an advanced level marker, and the timing and re-cocking mechanisms would be complicated to someone new to the game, or unfamiliar with it's operation. This marker has the capability of being upgraded to the hilt, but the only immediate thing to upgrade would the barrel. Past that the only limit is your budget, the autococker is one of the only markers that can be built completely from aftermarket parts. This is a great marker at a great price for players looking to enter tournament level play and stay there, highly recommended.
WGP Vertical Feed Autococker
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