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What is the Matrix? The Matrix is an electropneumatic marker that operates at ultra low pressure, and has the highest speed capabilities next to an Angel available. It offers great performance for a good deal less than it's competitors. It has many great features, including an interchangeable breach, so you can use a barrel threaded for any marker, lightning fast adjustable trigger, fully pneumatic operation (it has no main spring, sear, or hammer), very accurate stock CP barrel and, for a little bit more cash, an LCD screen. Due to it's ultra low pressure operation (operates at only 140 psi) it rarely chops, and is extremely accurate. It's only pitfall is it's efficiency, it's a bit of a gas hog (although there are mods to help with efficiency). Right out of the box, the Matrix is a top runner, competitive with the Angel in speed, the Autococker in accuracy, and the Shocker in low pressure operation. It is very reasonably priced at $650.00, and far outperforms anything in it's price range. This marker is HIGHLY recommended, especially for the intermediate to advanced tourney player looking for speed, accuracy, and allaround performance, but a price that won't break the bank.
Indian Creek Design Bushmaster
A review for the Smart Parts Shocker was formerly here. It is no longer here, because I am BOYCOTTING SMART PARTS because of their SHADY, DECEITFUL manipulation of the US patent system to attempt to monopolize the electronic marker industry. If you would like to see a free electronic marker market, I encourage you to do the same. For more information regarding Smart Parts' ridiculous patents, go here.
The new B2k3 is a feature packed version of it's predecessor. The latest offering from ICD features everything we've come to expect from the Bushmaster, ROF, lightweight, multiple firing modes, 9volt operation, easy maintenance... But it now comes with great new milling, a redesigned trigger frame, 2 piece barrel, standard reg threads, stick trigger and ICD's new PDS (Paint Detection System) anti chop eye. No other company offers an electronic, multi mode, 13 bps firing marker with an anti chop system for the same price, you can pick one of these up for about $450.00. Other than the side to side play in the trigger and the somewhat innacurate barrel, the Bushmaster is great. It shoots fast, it's light, the new redesigned 2 piece barrel is better than previous  models, and doesn't seem to have the same chopping problems, it has an anti chop eye, it's easy on gas, what more could you want? Gotta give ICD an A+ for this one, the few problems that previous Bushmasters had have all but dissapeared in the 2003 model. I'd highly recommend this marker, especially to any intermediate tournament player looking for nice features at a low price.
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