If you havenít heard by now, Chipís Challenge CyberCafeís web host, GeoCities, is shutting down operations later this year. Chipís Challenge CyberCafe has been around since 2002, after moving from freehomepages.com as Brianís Website. Over the years I had fun creating web pages for Chipís Challenge CyberCafe and for other sites such as my high school. After a careful decision, Iíve decided to shut down Chipís Challenge CyberCafe when GeoCities closes on October 26, 2009.

Why not change web hosts you ask? Well, several attempts to do so in the past were disappointing, and I was planning on shutting down eventually sometime soon. Besides, over the years, Chipís Challenge has become old and boring, at least for me. Yeah, it was fun back in 2001 when I first found CHIPEDIT and spent my summer on a 486 laptop modifying and creating Chipís Challenge levels. But now I do a poor job updating my pages and level sets. A good example is Chipís Vacation with one level left to complete before a re-release, and that level set hasnít been touched since August 2008. Itís time to retire from Chipís Challenge and pursue other interests.

There are other sites out on the internet where you can find information and programs for Chipís Challenge.
Tylerís site contains almost every program for management and customization of Chipís Challenge as well as solution maps. Mike L.'s page contains links to other Chip's Challenge sites and just about every user-made levelset in existence. Most gaming sites will have passwords available.

However, some useful sites about Chipís Challenge hosted on GeoCities that havenít been updated in years are in danger of being deleted (and possibly forgotten!)
Chipís Plus Site by Alice Voith is a good example since it hasnít been updated since 1999, and would probably have to be accessed via archive.org after GeoCities shuts down. Other Chipís Challenge fan sites hosted on GeoCites will shut down later this year unless they move to a different web host. These sites include:

Chipís Challenge High Scores (Jimmy Vermeer) Ė Likely to move
Chipís Plus Site (Alice Voith) Ė Unlikely to move
Chipís Challenge Hints (Catgirl) Ė Not sure
MSN Charter Chipsters - Not sure, but unlikely
Chipís Challenge Info (Dumbledore3) Ė Unlikely to move
Chipís Challenge City Ė Not sure, but unlikely
Chipís Challenge Hint Book (Bona Rae Villarta) Ė Likely to move

Iím sorry if I left anyone out!

As for my level sets, they will still be available and updated through Yahoo groups.

Thank you for your interest in Chipís Challenge CyberCafe. I hope Iíve helped you with your Chipís Challenge experience over the last seven years.

Brian P.
Chipís Challenge CyberCafe

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Posted: May 11, 2009 - Updated: July 7, 2009
Dear friends of Chip's Challenge,