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Hi everyone, hope you are having a good winter. Thanks for stopping by! Just wanted to share some thoughts on a great story in the Big Book called "Fear of Fear." Yep got that! LOL

This story really touched me, because for the longest time, I was afraid of everything, especially new things. I am still to some extent, but you are all helping me with that. This is what she says on p. 323: "
Many women who have reached the stage that I had reached in my drinking have lost husbandss, children, homes, everything they hold dear. I have been very fortunate in many ways. The important thing I lost was my self respect. I could feel fear coming into my life. I couldn't face people. I couldn't look them straight in the eyes, although I was always a self-possessed, brazen sort of person." She talks further about how she hid in the house, refusing visitiors, and not answering calls. This is almost like seeing myself in the mirror! I became very afraid of what I might do if I went out, and was just scared to BE out. At a little over 4 months sober, I am still really having to work on these things, there are days I want to hide under the bed and shut the world out. I have things going on in my life that I am having to deal with sober that are not pleasant. Included in all of this is taking a good hard long look at myself and what I want out of life. I got sober, now I want to work on some other areas too, I have to remember not to let up on this program, because if I do, I'm a goner. I'm pretty sure I don't want to drink again and somehow I will get through this sober. Right now just have to keep focussing on attending meetings and getting out of myself. Sometimes it's not a very happy place inside my head. Anyway, I have to go do some "responsible things", thankfully I am sober to do them! Keep coming back!

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"We alcoholics see that we must work together and hang together, else most of us will finally die alone."  - from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, pg. 563.

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