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Justice Lover
About Me
    I'm a girl from Saudi Arabia, I live in Jeddah which is located on the Red Sea coast.
I'm almost 19 and a student at
KAU. Before you read anything in my site, let me tell you that I'm not anti-American, anti-Semitic or anything like that. I critisize what is wrong and unfair irrespective of who does it. However, most crimes against humanity nowadays are done by Americans and Israelis. My sympathy and prayers are always with those who are innocent, who are fighting for their rights....I don't care what is the religion or the ethnicity they belong to because after all we are just human beings.
If you have any critisism or feedback to this site, don't hesitate to e.mail me and I will reply as soon as possible.**
My Religion
Get to know the most precious thing in my life
My country
Information about Saudi Arabia and pictures
Just wanted to say...
This is the page I like the most, if you don't have time to read every page...I suggest you read this one
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Arabic...quick info+alphabetics