By Rick Smith


A collection of original fantasy artwork, set to music.

Feel free to download these images. Comments, Links and

Critiques are welcomed. More pictures are added regularly.

Please wait for just a while as the music loads on each page.


To properly view these pages, you'll need the KELMSCOTT font. You can download it at:



Pen and Ink Drawings....(new)


To view just the thumnails and pictures without sound, click here


The Warriors

The Final Battle / Sabra Spurn / Fire / North Man / Vosparin / Winter / Demon


The Wizards

Enchant / Jasper / The Northern Wizard / Wizards of the East and West / Bard / Warlock


The Dragons

Castle Dragon / Dragonfly / Baby Dragon / Vosparin

COLOR="#800000"> / Conflict (NEW)


The Elves and Fairy Folk

Wading (New) /

The Imp / Two Worlds / Leprechaun / Gimnaki / Royal Blood


Other Races and Creatures

Icarus / Mermaids / The Devil / Tigerman / Unicorn / Shugreth the Demon / Centaur


Maps, Landscapes and Misc.

Grey Castle / Sky Castle / Sailing / Ponis


Graphic Poems

(Poems with graphics. Be patient; these will take a while to load.)

Fear / A Spirit's Song





The Valley Scribe The Eyes With In

Elfwood. 1000+ Amateur Fantasy and SF Artists and Writers

My Elfwood Page



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