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This is Abe Luochs's

Musings of a Daddy Teddy Bear

These pages are still and always will be under construction.
As of late January, 1998, they are more stable than they have been recently.
** Please enjoy! And please comment below! **

Let us begin with a small comment about the name. My real name is David Bonyun (and my new personal signature glyph is shown here.) As I have been repeatedly asked if I am a relation of Paul Bunyan, my stock answer is:

"Not really, I am just the Blue Ox!"
* * NOTE: Abe Luochs = A Blue Ox * *
But I hate the name "Babe"(which was the name of Paul's Ox!) [Note how the Glyph uses infinity and the male symbol!]

In fact, I am much more a Bear than an Ox, although I do feel quite plodding at times; and I tend to ruminate, and I often hum while I chew my food!

* * But my gentle nature makes me a TEDDY BEAR! * *

Among the things to come is a list of my "Laws"! . . . and chief among these is:

"* * The world needs more colour and more laughter! * *"

I collect rainbows and I play the fool! Are you smiling yet?? --- I hope so!

Here, for fun, let me give you a jump or two:
First .. Documents that I wrote:
For the Document Index CLICK HERE!>

Second... a small picture gallery of this and that:
For the Picture Gallery CLICK HERE! >

Then... some other items that I hope may be of interest:
(Most of these are still in the planning process.... Please be patient....!)
But here are some for now:

My Flag Project:
Demonstration Subset for My Flag Project
... shown here is a small subset of the hundreds of flag images that have been sorted by design for easy determination of the source or owner i\of each.

Read here about My Flag Project

Or, to see a pattern that fascinates me, Press Here!

And to my many Chinese Friends:
Happy Year of the Tiger, starting Wednesday, 28 January, 1998.
Gong Hay Fat Choi
And for those who may want it, a Chinese Calendar,
overlaying the Western one...

1998 Calendar

Links to other sites on the Web

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Please be patient: There is a lot of good stuff planned!
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Thanks ----- David, A Daddy Teddy Bear
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