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"So you're super-connected now / All the freaks gather 'round"
-- Belly, 'Super-Connected'

There are no Lies

Hi there! I guess you're supposed to talk me down from up here, eh? Well, come on over and sit down. It's a lot more comfortable than standing like that with your back against the brick. Just don't look down, and you'll be fine. Look at the horizon, at that approaching storm. Would you like some tea? Don't worry, you won't fall, unless the ledge crumbles, or the winds pick up, or I push you. But I'd never do that unless you asked me to. So, how about a tuna sandwich?

I bet my shrink told you I was a freak. No? Well, she should have. But don't go blaming the trash I read, the static I listen to, or the garbage I watch. Certainly don't go blaming my family; they're as close to the Cleaver's as you can get without breaking copyright. Frankly, I don't think there's any blame to place. Although you could have some fun analyzing my favourite poetry. Get to know me and you'll probably realize that I'm better adjusted than most people. But hell, maybe I'm delusional and just think that I'm sane, friendly and empathic. The nifty thing is that well-adjusted does not imply socially integrated. Just because I've embraced philosophy and religion does not preclude the possibility that I wish to be embraced by a vampire. The point being, there are people much freakier than me, but these are not the folks who are doing the really bizarre things in the news. Weird shit happens to normal people and it causes them to do some really scary stuff. Weird shit happens to freaks and we get on with our lives. We see obscure truths in the mundane and that excites us. When I'm excited I'm not generally suicidal. So you don't need to worry about me jumping to my death.

I'm gonna fly instead. Wanna come along?

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