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The Marriage of the century of Thomas and Courtney can be found here!

Hello there my good friend. I see that you have finally made it to my home page. I hope you are having a wonderfull day. Here, take a load off, sit down, and listen to all I have to tell you about myself.

Ever since I started chatting in the Alcamy of Africa back in Feburary of 1996, my life has been quite the experience.

I've met my wonderful share of good friends and good times of playing wonderful stories.
After a good ten years though, it has come time to call it an end as now I have a beloved wife. But you can still read the pages of the characters I played as.

For example....

Simbaka Rafikin of the Pride Landian Empire.

Lion Lord, a warrior with the abilites of the animals.

The mystic Mandrill Tenagra.

And the Star Fox Mercenary Alistair Duncan.

Oh how rude of me, I guess I should tell a little bit about myself shouldn't I? *smiles*
Read here to find out.

Recently I came out of the broom closet as I'm a Wiccan. This link tells about my history becoming a Witch and some thaughts on the subject as well.

And Read my adventures on my Yahoo 360 Here!

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

Finally, I would like to give credit for making all this possible.

If you came from a WebRing, click here to journey onward and I hope you have enjoyed my stories!

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This Homepage was last updated on Thursday, May 24th, 2007.

My subjects have told me that there has been people at my pride.

One of my subjects tells you. "You can write to my sire at ."

Yippie! I won an award! ;)

Tell them Lion Lord sent ya to NeoPets. ;)

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Well, I do hope you have enjoyed my homepage and visit again soon!
*Big Lion Hugs*

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