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Welcome to my humble abode - as with all other pages, this is in a constant state of renovation. I intend to fill it with various bits of writing, music, and whatever catches my eye. If you like this page, or have any questions or comments, you can mail me at, or sign my guestbook.

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yipes. okay, so i'm not exactly keeping this page very updated (geocities/yahoo/whatever it is now just threatened to kick me and my files out on the cyberstreets). but. I'm between my junior and senior years of college, enjoying them as much as I can with the insane amount of stuff i always take on. going to work at CTY soon (yay!), teaching writing to gifted students at Mt. Holyoke. wish me luck! :)

(note as of May 2005 - I officially declare this page retired, but I'm leaving it up for posterity and comic relief... and okay, a little sentimental value as well.)

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