this webpage is the process of being updated. and for those of you who really need to know about such things, it is actually the basis of a template for the rest of this website. excited ? - i know i am

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this is the latest update

and here's the latest addition to this tiny part of the site. currently the 'sites worth visiting page is being added. it almost looks like content cool or what ?

for those of you, who may be worrying about my use of lower case through out these pages - dont, its just that i like to use lower case. remember this when you grab the code and use it as the basis of your own template. webpages are like noses - everyone has one and plastic surgery makes them look better - A community web site.

steal the code
ten things to do
links for cash
coming soon.....

more pages.... yes you heard it here first. more pages, its just what the internet was invented for.

i know its just all soo exciting, but now that this page is starting to look like i dont need to do anymore to it. This of course means that i'll start on the other pages real soon. oh the joy of tuesday.

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