All files/graphics on these pages are copyright 1996-98 Philip Ware. If you're a real 3D-graphics wizard then you know the kind of time and effort goes into the creation of the primitives, constructing the scene and, most of all, having your system chewed up for hours at a time rendering.
Now that all that is out of the way, I hope that you enjoy these images. The images on these pages were created using Lightwave 5.0, Truespace 2.0, POV-RAY(the old DOS verison, and am just re-discovering it in the nice shiny Windows95 interface in 3.0) and I'm just getting into 3DSMax2, so there's not a whole lot there for this...that's why there's no gallery for it, yet.
If you want to know about what it is I use to do this stuff, check out the tools I tossed together.