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here it is, the trey ellett f.a.q... it is the first of its kind... love it, respect it, an you shall be prosperous...

who is trey ellett?

oh, come on... you don't know this yet? here, read this... then come back...

how old is this boy? what's his sign?

he is 28... and a gemini...

where abouts is he from?

well, he's from New York, but grew up in Roanoke, VA...

so, how did he get cast as "Mark"?

and i quote, "I made a tape of myself doing songs from the show and took it to the casting office and said, 'I need to be seen.' "

does trey favor any particular music?

from what i've heard, he listens to joni mitchell constantly... but, i know he loves ani difranco... and he likes "angel" by sarah mclachlan... he said so... so there... *nyah*

now, all i have seen this boy wear is abercrombie clothing... why?

i'm pretty sure that's all he owns... don't believe me? go on, check your pictures... all abercrombie... :) i used to think it was just a summer thing, or a phase of some sort.. but no, seven months later, he's still wearing a&f.. not that there's anything wrong with that... hell, even i own a few articles... if you really want a documented list of his abercrombie clothing, email me, and i'll give it to you... people started to criticize the list, so i decided to take it down...