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Steamtown excursion at Ridge Row

A Steamtown excursion train passes the University of Scranton campus and runs alongside Ridge Row. This is the start of the grade out of Scranton.


D&H #7312, The B.C. O'Brien

This handsome unit was in Taylor Yard in early September. This unit was designated a CP Heritage Unit and will retain the classic "Lightning Stripe" paint scheme.


North Shore Railroad 

A North Shore Railroad unit rests outside the enginehouse at Northumberland, PA. The road's headquarters is in the old DL&W freight house. Much of the trackage it serves is part of the DL&W Bloomsburg Line. The North Shore is a SEDA-COG railroad.



NS Units at Hazleton Yard

Some Norfok Southern units laying over in Hazleton Yard. The yard is was a Lehigh Valley yard, built to service the mines and web of brach lines around Hazleton. Conrail became the owner after the LV. Now it is NS property.



RS3's at Alcofest

Painted in the "old" D&H roadswitcher scheme, the D-L RS3's head back down the old D&H main. The train sort of caught me by surprise, as I was not expecting it for another 15 minutes.



CNJ F3's at Jim Thorpe

The CNJ painted F3's are still at Jim Thorpe and look quite nice pulling a train, or parked near the quaint CNJ station.



D-L Locomotives on Bridge 60

D-L units are often parked on the former DL&W Bridge 60 near Steamtown.



Coal Train, "Iron Bridge"

Vidcaps of a Coal Train passing under the "Iron Bridge" at Enola, PA. the track this train is on is used to bypass the yard.



D-L High Rail Truck at Moscow

A D-L High Railrail Truch at Moscow. The leaves were at thier peak color when these shots were taken.



LS in Hudson

35mm shots of the Luzerne and Susquehanna on ex D&H trackage in the Hudson section of Plains. Maybe two trains a week run on this trackage.



Old CP Geeps

This is a local on a Thursday night drilling Taylor Yard. The first unit looks like a GP9u. The other unit I can't really tell but it does not look like and SD-40. Always something interesting.



Overview / Enola Yard

Here are vidcaps from Overview / Enola Yard. These shots are from the "Iron Bridge".



Alco's Again !!!

Digital shots of the Reading Technical and Historical Socitety and D-L Alcos at Steamtown, a few weeks after Alcofest. You can never have too many Alco's.



D&H 7304

Here are vidcaps of the D&H #7304 in a consist at Taylor Yard. It is in the classic D&H Lightning Stripe Scheme.



D-L 2461

D-L 2461 runs light over the Pocono main to replace a unit on a grain train that stopped working. These are 35mm shots.



Steamtown Yard Shuttle

This series of vidcaps is of the Steamtown Yard Shuttle. They take the tourists on a short tour of the yard.



Breslau Bridge Demolition

Here are digital shots of the Breslau Bridge and the remaining spans of it. The truss has a unique design. By the end of summer, it should be gone.



BDL #600

35mm shots of BDL #600 in the Pittston Junction, near Bevaco Food Service. The LS used if for a while.



Trolley Car, Scranton, PA

The trolley cars are back in Scranton. They are running from Steamtown to Roaring Brook. By the end of July, the line will be in place to Montage Mnt, for freight first, and then for excursion service.



Feature Photos

Here are some shots of the Mattes Ave tower, taken from the trolley, enroute to the Iron Furnaces in Scranton.



About the Background :

The background is equipment at Steamtown NHS for Rail Expo 2001.


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Anthracite Related Photos

Concrete City Photos
Newport Township Mine Car
Mine Car, White Haven
Glen Alden Machine Shops,West Pittston, PA
Lion Coal Company Breaker
Breaker and Anthracite Photos 1 - The Huber Breaker
The Harry E. Breaker
Sullivan Trail Breaker


Trestles and Bridges

Bridge and Trestle Photos 1 HANOVER/NEWPORT BRIDGE
D&H Plymouth Branch Trestle
Demolition of D&H Plymouth Branch Trestle
Double Stone Arch Tunnel, Plains, PA


Stations, Towers and Depots

Depot, Tunkhannock, PA

CNJ Station, Palmerton


Railroad Photos

Conrail Caboose at Dusk
Cabooses at Lee, Newport Twp PA.
Railfan 93, Steamtown


New, Good Rail Photos

Conrail train, stalled at Lehighton
Conrail units at Lehighton
Conrail widecabs at Duryea


The Interchange Track

Links, Seach Engines and Things


More Feature Photos


Some shots of the Lackawanna's Scranton Station, with the trolley in the foreground.

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