There have been people here that either agree with the campaign or are really ticked off about it.

Why Keep Wicca Traditional?
What is Traditional Wicca? Well, if you claim to be Wiccan and you don't know what Traditional Wicca is, then you're part of the problem.

Wicca has gone from a definable set of practices, a secret society and a sacred Priesthood to a fluffy bunny, sugar and flowers hodge-podge of Pagan practices. Wicca has gone from a discipline to a feel-good opiate for people who skim over a book they get from Barnes and Noble and then declare themselves the heirs to a heritage they have taken no time to learn.

Bring back the discipline to Wicca
  Bring back the honor of the Priesthood
    Bring back the "seeking" to the Seeker
      Bring back the weight of the Oath
        Bring back the Mysteries

If you agree with the campaign and want to let the Internet know that there are still those left in cyber space that value the old Traditions, that value the Craft as it was and still is, and are somewhat upset with the trend towards "Wicca is like, whatever I want it to be, ya know?" said by Lady Morgana Astarte Thunderbutt who parrots what Scott Cunningham told her, please snatch a banner, put it on your web site, link it here, and proclaim it to the world.

You do not have to be an initiated Trad Wiccan to do this. You do not have to be an initiated Trad Wiccan to value the Traditions of Wicca.

If you are a fluffy bunny and are totally ticked off that someone had the audacity to stand up for the Old Ways and proclaim that what you are doing may just be supporting the dilution of the Wicca, by all means, email us and vent your anger.

  • The "You People Bite" Email Page for Angry Bunnies
  • Post a Rant, Post a Rave so all can see
  • Read the Rants, Read the Raves

    If you too are tired of the fluffy bunnies from the "Paramount Pictures Craft Tradition", you may enjoy the following link. For those who like to get their panties in a wad, no actual fluffy bunnies were harmed in the making of the Java Applet and we are not encouraging you to go whack an eclectic "Wiccan" with their Scott Cunningham book:

  • Whack a Fluffy Bunny

    Why are you doing this?
    Frustration. Boredom. A belief that open mindedness, when taken to extremes, can be just as bad as closed mindedness when it is taken to extremes. Call it a backlash.

    What do you have against Scott Cunningham?
    This page explains it better than we could. And, well, it's already been covered, so why bother restating the obvious?

    You know, you people aren't very nice.
    Yeah, well, being nice is a virtue. It is not, however, a Wiccan Tenet. You're thinking of "Love Thy Neighbor".

    Well, why don't you tell us about Traditional Wicca?
    You're a seeker. Try seeking.

    You're wimps, hiding behind a veil of anonymity.
    Yeah, well, lucky for us that is a Wiccan Tenet. It's not important who says this, or who starts the campaign. Only that is is said.