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Somaliland secures large German industry investments
afrol News, Norway - 6 Sep 2006
Awdal News Network / afrol News, 6 September - The government of the breakaway republic Somaliland today signed a joint venture agreement with Germany's ...

Somaliland News
The crisis in the Horn of Africa: Nomads with no future - remains. Fu'ad Adan Adde, Somaliland's minister for pastoralist development said the ban is "political". Mr Grahn added: "There is systematic under-investment in ...

Geeska Afrika
Riyaale: Amnesty given by the generosity of the Somaliland
Somaliland Seeks US Help In Battle For Recognition
Somaliland, the unrecognised breakaway republic of northwest Somalia, is seeking US government support to confront the Islamic Courts ...
Breaking Up (a Country) Is Hard to Do 
1998-2000 war between Ethiopia and Eritrea after a 1993 partition; the violent 1992 collapse of the partition of Somaliland; and the recurring wars between India and Pakistan since partition, including the 1971 partition that sliced Bangladesh from
Overview Of Humanitarian Environment In Somaliland

Over the past ten years, the degree of peace and stability obtained in Somaliland and the presence of viable government counterparts has allowed a large number of UN agencies, international NGOs and local ...

Ottawa and the Deputy Speaker of the Somaliland 
has triumphantly comeback from home after successfully wining a seat in the recent parliamentary election in Somaliland. Honourable Basha Mohamed Farah is also the current deputy Chairman of the Somaliland House of Representatives. The Hall of the ...


Somaliland Women Challenge Islamic Roles/Women the backbone of workforce 
... "Or what?". Spoken like a true businesswoman -- and in this city, capital of the breakaway republic of Somaliland, there are plenty of women like her. ...
And you thought it was hard starting a business in your country 
.. to protect their business infrastructure) Somali Telecom has had great success building a mobile phone company in Somaliland - started in the US, the company is now based in Dubai and manages a family of companies in Somaliland


New star in Somaliland
Newst Somaliland Star Ubax Dahir Fahmo
Somali music is here, but hard to find
Somali music is here, but hard to find (feature audio)
Somali singer Hassan Samatar performs "Heego"
Instrumental Somali music, performed on a synthesizer


Another country
Somalia must remain two
Somaliland should be allowed to depart a chaotic country in transition. By Dan Simpson
A world beyond recognition
Somaliland – 'The Other Berberia' according to ‘the Periplus of the Red Sea’
Somaliland's democratic lesson

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Somalis face anti-immigrant attacks in S.Africa Reuters AlertNet
'We didn’t come here to be killed' Mail & Guardian Online
"High in Hell": Chewing Khat in Djibouti

AME Info
Batelco announces new international roaming service with Djibouti


HIV drug stops cervical cancer in laboratory test-Mr. White has served as Abbott's chairman of the board
School Backpacks Shouldn't Be a Pain The new school year is here, which means it's time for a refresher
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