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**Disclaimer: This page and much of the material on it is out of date. There are also inaccuracies in the information provided here. If I ever get the time in the future there will be updates that will correct and update the material provided here.**

Whom do I descend from?From the redoubtable bhR^igu, atharvAn (paternally) and an~girasa (maternally) from the land of the bhAratas (India).

What do I do for my living? I study protein sequences using computational methods and draw far-reaching conclusions regarding the origin of and evolution of all living organisms.

My interests:

1) I am mainly interested in the evolution of Life, especially proteins.

2)Other interests:
Observational Astronomy
Vertebrate and Insect Anatomy
Central Asian and Indian (Hindu) history

How can I be reached? Send E- MAIL

My Research (This only represents the that part of my research that concerns biology and appears in PubMed).

My official Home Page (I will soon put up PDF reprints of some of my hard to get papers here, soon)

Many learners of the veda are mystified by the svaras and anusvAras. There are some accounts on the subject that confuse more than clarify. I provide here:

1)A simple guide to svaras by summarizing the explanations of the traditional sikShA and pratishAkhya texts on Vedic phonetics. It is a PDF file because it needs diacritical markings (MS Arial unicode)for the vedic accents Vedic svaras

2) A simple guide to the anusvAra (the vedic nasal). anusvAra

My monograph on the bhR^igu smR^iti: A treatise composed by my ancient ancestors that plays a critical role in the emergence of early Hindu science. This work translates the section of the smR^iti pertaining to the proto-science of the Hindus. It has significance and content similar to the works of Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes and Empedoceles in relation to the emergence of Greek science

Hindus over the centuries have been victims of Ghazi violence or the Jihad (euphemistically called terrorism and such other things in the English media). Please pause a moment to remember the Indian victims of the Jihad in just the past 2 decades


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