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Sandie Award Proud winner of the Webring Site of the Month for January, 2002 "Sandie Award"

Welcome to my Strat-O-Matic Baseball Website! Included is a plethora of SOM related material and information that will enhance your computer game play. All of the content is free for you to use.

Please remember that the Strat-O-Matic Game company produces our favorite games and that we should continue to help support them. This site is intended to enhance your game playing experience and in turn increase interest in SOM games.

What's up:

Fred Bobberts has created the 1976 Japan Central League. You may get it by e-mailing him at: with the EXACT subject line and nothing else: 1976 Japanese Central

The New 2002 Baseball card set is out! Get your order in by visiting the official Strat-O-Matic website.

Read Dave Jackson's article about the 2002 Strat-O-Matic Convention - Dave Jackson

Now available -

Minor League and Assorted Seasons

Added 2003 College World Series Teams
Added 2002 College World Series Teams
Added 2002 PAC 10 and Big West College Seasons
Added 1987 PCL AAA Season
Added 1939 International and American Association League Seasons
Added 2002 AA Southern League Season
Added 1944 All American Girls Professional Baseball Season
Added 1945 International and Pacific Coast League Seasons
Added 1929 American Association, International and Pacific Coast League Seasons
Added 1929 International and Pacific Coast League Seasons
Added 1945 and 1946 American Association League Seasons

General Updates / Information

Added 2 new Homerun calls (Game Sounds page)
Added 1900-1994 MLB Coaches list (SOM Information page)
Updated 'SOM Links' page
Added Baseball Season Patches Page (formerly hosted by Ted Coursen)
Added Baseball Season Roster Page

Career Historical Disk Creations

Added new CHD "1960s World Series Teams"
Added New CHD Seasons (5 Year Cumulative Team Seasons)

Fringe Players

Added a select set of individual pitcher's hitting cards
Revised 1983 fringe players for use with 'As Played' files
Added 1965 MLB fringe players for use with 'As Played' files
Revised 1920 fringe players for use with 'As Played' files
Added New Hand entered 1982 ML fringe players
Added 1963 extra players for 'As played'
Added/Revised New Hand entered 1969 AL/NL fringe players
Added/Revised New Hand entered 1978 and 1984 AL/NL fringe players

'As Played' Files

Added 1993 NL 'As Played' files, updated 1983 'As Played' files
Revised 1969 'As Played' files
Added 1963 NL 'As Played' files
Added 1977 MLB 'As Played' Files

Ballpark Images

Updated many Super Deluxe ballparks
Added New Color ballparks (regular BP page #4)

Season Patches

Added 1908 and alternate 1991 season patches

So many of you have contributed to this website - Thank You all!

Please join the family and submit any of the efforts that you have created to better enjoy your SOM game play. The pay stinks but the fame is fleeting.

Mantle, Mays, Killebrew

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