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Welcome to the page. I appreciate you stopping by, sincerely... now lets be honest about something. One day your life as you know it will end and you are going to die. Be honest.. don't lie to yourself.. at that moment you will meet The Lord of hosts... God. No, no.. not "allah", not "zeus", not "buddha", not "anubis", not yourself.. for you are not a "god", not some mystical energy and "oneness".... but you will have an encounter with Jesus Christ-Son of God-Creator and Father (2 Corinthians 5:10,Hebrews 9:27).
That moment will not be the moment which decides whether you enter into The Only Heaven...a permanent residence with the Spirit of God, or Hell.. eternal damnation,torment and separation from God: For that is something that YOU MUST DECIDE ON NOW. No folks, when you come to that moment you will simply receive the reward for what you decided on while you lived here on earth. You decide through obedience here on earth where you are going to go. We that obey Christ Jesus, obey him out of love and not obligation.. much like you would an earthly Father when you consider his love and goodness.
Christianity, believe it or not everybody, is NOT a religion. Moreover it is a daily relationship with Jesus Christ - God incarnate who is mankind's only redeemer and mediator (1 Timothy 2:5), that has supplied mankind with The Holy Spirit(John 14:26) which will enable man to live holy and righteously now, to the moment of Christ's Return and forevermore thereafter. That being said.. take the time to meditate on the points I've presented and then see the end of the page for how to personally... this day, make ammends for the sins that you've commited (James 4:17,Romans 3:23) by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and starting A New Life in Jesus.
This page will undoubtedly be under construction much of the time. Unfortunately, my Guestbook here has become full. But I still would like to hear how you've been impacted, so just send me an email via the data towards the bottom of the page.

The Man

You might've guessed by now that my name is Cornelius. After living a life as a hellion and a spiritual bastard(Hebrews 12:6-11), I came in from the cold and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior while at Florida A&M University. I'm a graduate of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Fl. Those on the inside, know that I have submitted to the responsibility of serving as a Watchman (Ezekiel 3:17-22), and I'm about to tell you what it means to be a Watchman. Let me start here, whether you were aware of it or not... the entire Bible - God's Word, focuses on Jesus Christ. The old testament demonstrates the need for Christ and the PROPHECIES predicting his coming, while the new testament chronicles Christ's acts of love towards man and shares the PROPHECIES concerning His return.
Ezekiel was a Jewist priest and prophet who prophesied that the Jewish people would return from being scattered across the globe into their own land & nation(Ezekiel ch.11,36,37). Hmmm... lets see here, Israel became a nation in 1948!! Looks like that prophecy was true folks. With all the muslims who claim their "god" is real, surrounding the nation of Israel... shouldn't they have defeated the Jewish people by now and taken the land back?? Unfortunately for them it looks as though they CANNOT. For in Isaiah ch. 31, God - through Isaiah prophesied that He would defend Israel forever. So it makes sense that with all those muslim nations around Israel they have yet to defeat Israel. I know I'm diagressing but hang with me.. it'll be over in a second. In the q'uran(which has as much literary value as toilet-stall sex notes), in surah 3:160, the q'uran declares that if "allah" is with someone - then NOBODY can overcome that person - or those people. Since the muslim nations can't overcome Israel, "allah" is either not with the muslim nations, not real, or a satanic spirit, or ALL of the above. Evidence seems to support ALL OF THE ABOVE. However, what I thank God the most for is that all that have embraced Jesus Christ as Lord & God(John 20:28) have become The True Israel in the World today(Romans 2:28-29 & 9:6-8).
Yes I diagressed, but that was important. Ezekiel was commanded to warn his people what God had to say to them through the Words that God would speak to him. Some of what God had to say seemed harsh as much of it came in the form of rebukes... but this was because God was serious about his people obeying him because he didn't want to see any of his people die and suffer needlessly(Ezekiel 33:11). God also followed up by promising life and restoration to Israel which they would see, after they obeyed him. So you see a Watchman warns.... because he and God who sent him, care about your soul. Thats why I'm telling you... make no mistake HELL IS REAL. So is Satan.... hell was not made for man(Jude:6), but you can find your way there through disobedience and rejection of Jesus Christ... so please, don't allow that. Accept Jesus.

Being an active person is tough, but I try to stay busy with as much as I can handle. I'm now an Alumni of the MARCHING 100 at Florida A&M, and it goes without saying that we were and will continue to be, the BEST. If you can find me, I'm likely to be found making the most of life. I spend a great deal of time preparing mouthwatering amounts of food and commissioning my metabolism with the job of breaking it all down. Being a good cook isn't easy, but since that's what I heard that I am - I'll say, I manage. To aid this action, I can be found studying Jeet Kune Do, Ninpo and other physical arts much of the time also. All of my Ninpo Techniques are based on the work of a Japanese Hero: Hattori Hanzo. I keep up my proficiency in these things, but make no mistake... my only sensei, is God. Besides, hanging with God and OBEYING his commandments has the best kind of corporate benefits: soul salvation, eternal life, The Holy Ghost, just to get started (John the 14th chapter).

Note: 1 John 2:4

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Note on the above link: It is the scientific EVIDENCE that the former muslims observed and witnessed that compelled them by The Spirit of God, to embrace The Truth - Jesus Christ

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God..The Lord of Hosts,Our Savior Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit CANNOT... I REPEAT CANNOT.. bless America, until America blesses Him first, through OBEDIENCE to CHRIST JESUS

One more thing - 'That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past'. - Ecclesiastes 3:15

One more thing X2 - Salvation is not a thing.... Salvation and more than that, purpose in life and death, has a name... that name is Jesus Christ Son of God.Accepting Jesus Christ as the atonement for the sins that you have committed and for being born into sin as a descendant from Adam goes like this..... Pray this prayer along with me right now, and believe and mean it from your soul as you do..
Father God in the name of Jesus, I come to you and acknowledge that I have sinned. I've thought that I was really alive as I lived unto myself, but I wasn't... I was dead while I was alive, without knowing you. Lord in the name of Jesus I ask you today, to forgive me for sinning against you and this day I accept and confess that God you love me. I believe that you God, sent Jesus to die for my sins, which He did and then rose again. I believe that you have heard my prayer, that my name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life and that I am free from the past. I ask for your Holy Spirit now, to remind me daily of this new life... in The Mighty Name of Jesus I pray... Amen!

Now my friend... declare your marriage to Christ today by sharing your testimony of today's events with several people. This is highly important... There is no shame for those who are now in Christ, remember that. Email me for any ideas on finding a solid-bible based church... NOT AN OCCULT

Some suggested New Christian reading:

Meditate on these scriptures daily - 2 Corinthians 5:17, Ephesians 2:8, Romans 5:1-10, Romans 10:8-13, Hebrews 9:13-15, 1 John 5:7, John 1:1-15, John 14:23-26, John 10:30, Psalms 103:19, Revelation 20:12-15, Revelation 21:7-8, and... Ezekiel 3:17-22

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