"Do you know where you are? You're in the jungle baby! You're gonna die!"
Grarrrllllll! I'm gonna maul you!
Feel free to move that accursed Geocities pop-up box. I chose not to disable it, of fear of Geocities sending the Yahoo! Mafia to get me. (Doesn't that just scare you entirely?) Please let me know if the text is in overlap mode...Oh yeah, you're here for the site! Well, see what I have below and go from there. (Doesn't that just sound a little perverted?)
There are homage pages all over here. Click the JPEGs to go where you want to go.
The Official Yahoo! Club
The Mojo Homage Page! My Tenor Saxophone Page
The Official Website for 'Queen'
If you like Sonic The Hedgehog..well then!


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