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Get rid of those #%@*$ cold sores!
Does your boss
make you sick?
If you check just one or two items on my questionnaire, your bully boss is probably mentally abusing you, which can make you so mentally and physically sick you cannot work. You deserve better!
All we want is justice, dammit!
The typical, mentally abused employee is intelligent, skilled, and dependable, does excellent work, and avoids office politics. Employee abusing (bully) bosses are usually insecure about their ability to do their jobs--probably with reason. They crave status, recognition, and power, and use intimidation to motivate employees instead of good management techniques. You cannot change your bully boss, but you don't have to continue to be his/her victim. 

What do you want to know about employee abuse?
(Click on a title to find out what I know or think I know.)

I. Bullies are abusers.
II. What is employee abuse?
III. What can it do to my head?
IV. What can it do to my body?
V. How can I stop it?
VI. What can I do about what it has done to me?
VII. Attention Utah residents: Employee abuse is okay in Utah.
VIII. Questionnaire
(Includes Utah Workers' Compensation Complaint Form)

   Bullying, which I call employee abuse, is common across the country, if not rampant. I haven't been able to find any statistics for the U. S., but according to the Australian Bureau of statistics, about 50 percent of the workers in that country report they have been bullied at work. Australia's worker's compensation paid 6,523 mental health claims in 1993-94 and 6,716 in 1994-95, and there's no reason to think that current statistics in the U.S. wouldn't be comparable.
    Since I can't find any studies or statistics  on bullying/employee abuse in the U. S., I'm doing my own. Therefore, the information on this site comes from what I've learned so far from my research and my personal experience in a mentally-abusive work environment. Although I offer suggestions about legal and mental health issues, I am not a lawyer or a mental health professional.

   The last section (VIII) is a questionnaire designed to:
   a) help you know if your boss is mentally abusing you (If you check just one or two items, he/she/ probably is.);

   b) let you know you aren't the only person in the world who is being treated the way you are and feels the way you do. (During the last three months in my abusive work environment, I would have checked off every item); and
   c) help me learn more about employee abuse, add information this site, and get the problem out of the closet so public agencies, doctors, and mental health providers might recognize and do something about it.
   There's also a text box where you can ask a question or two, which I will answer if I can.
   Please help me, too, by sending your answers to me. If you have suggestions for items that should be added to the questionnaire or information that can help abused employees, please use my message center. I will update this site as I get more information, so please check back every once in a while.
   I highly recommend two web sites that will answer every question you can think of about bullies in the work environment. I love what the author of one, Tim Field, says: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, bully." Click here to read what he has to say about bullies. The other site has a great URL as well as good information: bullybusters.

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